Can contacts damage your eyes?

Eyes are one of the organs of the human body where there is no space for risk taking. The delicate placement and utmost importance if this organ is paramount, our normal existence rely too much on the pair of eyes place very beautifully under our skull.

Vision is a bliss one when this bliss blurs, people tend to go to any extreme just to have that moment of a clear sight. Glasses or spectacles served as a viable recourse to this quandary of human existence and still is the most popular way out of bad vision. Apart from the mainstream view of using an exogenous material to supplement the vision, people apply contact lenses.

Contact lenses stick to cornea of the eye and converge or diverge the vision in accordance with the eyes sight condition you have. Hailed as a boon of optometry for many quarters especially the pretty faces behind TV, contact lenses were a success. They carry the license of being regulated by the food and drug administration authority.

Along with medical usage contact lenses, they are also used for cosmetic reasons. Such contacts lenses are not prescribed from an ophthalmologist, they can be bought from anywhere. The creation of contact lenses has been a milestone, and many people are completely reliant on these tony translucent entities. However, there are some concerns and debates that contacts lenses might damage your eyes in a long run, and one cannot outrightl deny such claims.

Let us look into the conditions where contact lenses can be damaging for your eyes;

Disrupted Oxygen flow to eyes

Contact lenses are built in a way that they cover the entire cornea of the human eye. Like all parts of the body, an eye needs ample amount of oxygen for proper functioning. An entire coverage over eye reduces the vision, induces headache and a feeling of fatigue. Initially this was a great problem reported by people who used lenses but now with the advancement of material sciences, more oxygen absorbent contact lenses are in the market. Gas permeable contact lenses which are rather new in the market are mimics the normal gaseous exchange between cornea and atmosphere.

Not Cleaning them

Wearing contact lenses in no easy feat. One has to follow a whole step wise procedure for wearing them, stay cautious while wearing them and removing and storing them with care. There are various infection causing microbes, which can over time deposit over the surface of lenses and cause eye infections. One can steer clear of any chances of developing an infection by properly cleaning and disinfecting the contact lenses.

Not following replacement routine

Over wearing of optical lenses has deleterious effects on the vision. No matter how expensive the contacts are, they accumulate particles over their surface with time. The more you wear them the more accumulation there is, with a compromised optical integrity. This mater over the surface makes the process of gaseous exchange more troublesome. There exists a specific timeline, prescribed by the doctor or mentioned in the case of contact lenses, after which they should be discarded.

In an upshot contact lenses invite caution and proper following of an eyecare regiment; one can make them damaging or beneficial depending upon the way they are used.

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