Makeup that frequently cause eye conditions

Make up has stand its ground from antiquity. Among other make-up items what stand out is eye make-up, women really want to enhance the beauty of their eyes. Earlier in the Arab world women used to darken their upper eye lid with soot, the tradition has carried on and the likes of which can be seen in the form of eyeliner. Another item that tops the list of all make up is mascara, and women penchant for bigger lashes. The old trends have been transformed into a thriving industry.

One thing is clear, women dependence on make up is not going anywhere. In order to maintain good health skin and eyes to be more specific, make up has to used with great deal of caution. Along with safe and restricted usage makeup should be free of any harmful ingredients.

If the make up is used in correct proportions and removed adequately can maintain good eye health, however if precaution is not excised make up can make you susceptible to various eye problems and even eye infections.

Here are different eye conditions that can occur due to make up;

Damaged Cornea

Scratched Cornea is a condition where mascara or eyeliner can damage your cornea. It has nothing to so with the brand or the product. One should not be hasty in applying mascara and eyeliner, because of the delicacy of the eye.

Eye Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis is an eye condition which occurs due to the compromised quality of the product or in case of an expired product. If the product is contaminated with bacteria or other microbes, the application can instantly infect the eye. One should be extra careful I applying the products and keep the dates of expiry in account. Over usage of old makeup products should be avoided, especially for eyes and skin.

Allergic Reactions, redness and irritation

Allergic Reactions can also occur and they vary from person to person. Some people have more resilient skin and can get along well with any make up product. While on the other hand some people are more prone to allergies. To avoid such occurrences, one should analyses the products before using. All the renowned make up brands provide proper guidelines and testing of products. This should be availed until you find the makeup that is made for you. 


Before you develop a certain condition, it is best to change some habits; such as removing the make up before going to bed. Incase of any bacterial infection whole make up should be replaced or else the infection will occur again and again. It is better to store the make up in prescribed temperatures, leaving them in car with high temperatures is prohibited.

Using old make-up also comes with a lot of problems. If you have not used any item for more than 6 to 7 months it should be discarded right away. Adopting good make up practices can greatly help in reducing the occurrences of eye conditions due to the use of eye makeup.

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