How to keep your tree roots underground

If you have trees on your house, you’re most definitely enjoying the range of benefits they offer. They provide you with everlasting, natural beauty and serenity, as well as clean air. And, if you are not vigilant, they are able to do a lot of harm to your house and the surrounding areas too. Old branches for example can fall and harm your property. The scary part is, the roots of the trees, which may develop out of control if not managed properly. It is often poor planning on the part of the homeowner, who is responsible for the damages caused by tree roots. 

In many cases, since the trees were either already planted when you acquired the property, you can’t control where the trees are or maybe you’re dealing with trees that the town has installed around your property. Whatever the reason, you still have many options that are open regarding the management of the aggressive roots growth. Tree root barriers are often used as an effective root growth control method. They are simply the walls that are put which prevent the passage for roots.

These are normally made from materials which are prone to corrosion, such as concrete or fiberglass. Carefully mount them, as an improperly placed barrier to the tree root may do more harm than good. They may damage trees themselves or even prevent water from draining properly so be careful when placing them. To successfully achieve a redirected root growth properly, a depth of at least two feet underground should be reached.

When prevention methods fail, you should always hire a professional tree service or loggers because the roots can continue to grow if the tree stump is not adequately extracted. Cutting less problematic roots will reduce the risk and dig out as much soil under and around the roots as possible and cut it with the saw, which can be useful for lumberjacks. Don’t mix sprouts with tree roots and eliminate them to prevent further growth as soon as possible.

When you spot some upright stems evidently coming from the roots, you need to remove them. Even the lawn edger can sometimes help to solve this problem. Other ways to help manage the tree roots underground are Trimming/cutting of tree roots to prevent them from growing toward the foundation, avoiding planting shrubs or trees near the foundation, planting the trees that are right for your yard, and avoiding planting trees that require a lot of water or those with roots that grow horizontally, ex: oak tree roots.

You can also add water to the field around the base of the bark if trees on your land tend to suck the surrounding soil dry. To be successful on an irrigation drip pipe, it has to be mounted several inches under the surface of the soil. For that try hiring professional services. If you’re careful when selecting and planting your trees, you can avoid many problems. Selecting trees which don’t have an invasive root system is important.

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