How Medicaid Works in Arizona

Medicaid is the facilitating program provided by the federal government for the health coverage services to individuals belonging to low-income families in the United States. This health coverage helps the individuals from falling into medical debt and facilitate them to stay healthy. In Arizona, this Medicaid program is named AHCCCS (Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System) which is pronounced as ‘access’ and works under the state agency that administers this program.

The historical data for Arizona shows that Medicaid helps 46,400 Arizona’s babies to start a healthy life, 128,500 seniors get nursing home care and hospice, and 185000 people with disabilities get access to the Medicaid services which help them to live independently. That’s how 1.67 million Arizonans get quality health care services from Medicaid.

The proof of effective services provided by Medicaid is given by the statistics of successful healthcare witnessed such as mammograms for women and vaccinations for kids and regular office or clinic where they can get primary care. The expanded Medicaid coverage reduced the mortality rate by 6%, proving the effectiveness of the program. Plus, millions of seniors and disable people are benefitted with Medicaid in Arizona; in fact, half of the all long-term services are paid by Medicaid across the country. Moreover, Medicaid has reduced the ranks of uninsured children, in Arizona, only 6% children are left uninsured and 14.7% adults. Because Arizona expanded its Medicaid, the coverage for adults has improved since 2013 as 40% rate for uninsured adults has fallen.

Other than that, Medicaid has improved the financial conditions of people and supported the blue collar workers who work in jobs that pay low or moderate wages but are crucial for the state’s economy. 425,800 Arizonans gained coverage through Arizona’s Medicaid expansion who are in the service industry like restaurants, retail sector, administrative support, construction etc. most of these people don’t get coverage and much security through their jobs, that’s why they rely on Medicaid services for themselves and their families.

To qualify for basic Arizona health care facilities, you need to fall in the eligibility criteria requirements that are:

  • You should be under 65 years old. You can be above 65 age if you are caretaker or parent of the child under Medicaid facility.
  • You should not be availing Medicare unless until you are a parent or caretaker of a child or are pregnant.
  • You should be a US citizen or meet immigration requirements to avail Medicaid.
  • You should fall under specific income levels as suggested by the Medicaid requirements to be suitable to avail the services.

If you meet the requirements mentioned above, you can sign in for the Arizona Medicaid program and get access to a number of health care services for children and adults. You can apply for AHCCCS health care coverage online at In Arizona, approximately 16 percent of members use Fee-for-Service health care, which is the traditional Medicaid payment model where contract is made directly with the care providers to avail services. In contrast to that, AHCCCS pays a monthly capitated rate to the Mandatory Managed Care model which is proven to be an efficient and cost effective Medicaid delivery system in Arizona.

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