Undetectable eye conditions that you COULD have

The sense of vision is highly a important sense for survival. Knowing the importance of maintaining a healthy vision, this sense is taken for granted. Only when the situation gets out of hand therapeutic measures are taken. Why do eye conditions go undetected is the question in the first place; eye conditions develop over the span of years, one practice or a habit overtime leads to a condition of compromised vision or focus. Their subtle, prolonged development and the lighter tone of symptoms make them go undetected. This is what happens but should not happen and extra care must be excised in the matter of eyes.

Following are specific eye conditions that go undetected in often cases. If facing any of these, the person should visit the ophthalmologist, get a proper check-up, update the previous prescriptions if need be.


Nearsightedness which in optometry is known as myopia burs the vision for the object that are placed far away. As myopic struggle with the distant objects they do well with the objects placed in close vicinity. To check if you have developed myopia, you should start observing distant objects and check how far can you see without having difficulty. After these basic self-tests one can take a proper eye sight test.


Farsightedness or in biological terms; hyperopia, is a condition where the person struggles with maintaining a focus on the close objects. These people cannot read or write properly without eye glasses. This is a condition that develops with age. Simple precautionary measures can prolong the development of the condition.


Another condition which often goes undetected is Presbyopia, it is developed with age and is common in elderly people. The condition does not incur any near or far vision changes, but there is a general lack of focus.


Cataracts is a widely occurring disease, it is a condition where the normal lens is covered with a thin membrane, this condition is limited to people beyond the age of 40 years. For cataracts one can sue classes but the final solution lies in having a surgical removal of the membrane shrouding the vision.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Another condition that occur mostly in the young generation is computer vision syndrome, that comes from excessive usage of electronic devices with bright displays. One can alleviate the chance of developing such a condition by wearing glare free glasses as a precaution.

Apart from the optometry and the lengthy terms associated with each condition. A person can keep check by keeping the subtle cues eyes start to give, such as head strain, trouble focusing, double vision. Many a times precautions and knowledge help in the detection of the condition during the initial stages. If the treatment is started in the beginning than the chances are rare for the exacerbation of condition.

Aforementioned conditions may normally go undetected which does not infer that they should go undetected. One cannot take this kind of compromises on eyes.

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