Top 5 Homeowner Insurance Companies

The criteria for rating the best homeowner insurance companies does not depends on any one dimension or factor. It can be categorized on so many factors and in each dimension, there would be a leading company. For example, some of the top homeowner insurance companies with the A++ ratings include Travelers, USAA, Geico and Chubb. If these companies maintain the balance between the quality and affordability coverage for the real estate, then they are rated the best amongst all. Some of the factors to look at for these companies are: financial ratings, customer service, claims satisfaction ratings, policy discounts, and additional coverage options.

  • Amica, being the best company in the sector of customer satisfaction, as it scored the perfect score in the four key categories that cover customer satisfaction which include: accuracy of the billing process, coverage options, claims experience and customer interactions. So, if being dealt nicely or wanting a satisfied customer experience is your utmost priority, then you should refer to Amica homeowner insurance company.
  • Metlife, being the best company for replacement cost coverage as they would offer you the guaranteed replacement coverage in most states. This type of guarantees is mostly offered in the regions where your house is in the zones prone to natural disasters or calamities. In such cases, the company would completely reimburse you with the full rebuild amount that you require.
  • Allstate, being the best company for policy discounts, offers all eight discounts in total. You can save upto 25% if you have bundled your home with Allstate and 20% savings if you have not filed for the claim in this case.
  • Travelers, being the best company in the green homes, provides you the additional protection on the coverage of the costs you can incur for example, repair and renovating your home after a coverage loss. If your home is certified by the LEED program (that is the leading green home rating systems in the world), Travelers will offer you a green home discount of 5% on your home coverage.
  • State Farm, being the best company for new homebuyers, is a user-friendly company for those newbies who have not dealt with any insurance company before. They provide you with an easy-going mobile app where you can get an overall exposure of the company, billing processes, policies, file claims etc. Moreover, their website is itself a very helpful tool to build a know-how about the insurance company world as they feature the best educational resources in the industry and an easy, quicker quoting process to enhance your dealing experience.
  • Talking about the quoting experience, Hippo is the best homeowner insurance company in this case. The company promises a quote in 60 seconds, making it the most remarkable feature and a competitive advantage for Hippo. What you have to do on your part is to apply for the process where you type the home address and the company will guide you on all the features, estimates and specs of the house accurately.
  • USAA, being the best company for the US military families, as it provides benefits for the militants and their family like, if you are on active duty or deployed, the company would cover the reimburses without you having to pay for a deductible.

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