New California Laws That You Need To Know About

California is not entering the new year with the same laws it started with in 2019. The new laws that are being implemented in California in the new year highlight a lot of issues that have been needing attention for quite a while. Some of these issues include low pay rate of the workers, circuses going on tours and engaging in violence against animals, and high-interest loans. With that said here are some of the new laws that the residents of California will have to abide by in 2020;

  • Gun Control

According to the new laws employers, co-workers, and teachers have the right to request a gun-violence restraining order against anyone that might be a threat to themselves or anyone around them. In case the threat is proved real in the court and the Judge approves then that person will have their weapon taken from them for 1 year. This duration can also increase up to 5 years if needed.

The age limit on rifle purchase has also been set to 21 and being banned from buying a gun in any of the states means that you can not buy or own a gun in California either.

  • Healthcare

Regarding the issue of vaccines and parents growing hesitation towards them, it has been decided that the health officials of the state will pass a standardized form that the parents will have to get filled from the doctor if they do not want their children to be vaccinated. Doctors that have given five or more exemptions will be asked to justify their actions to the state.

  • Education

Laws have been passed that restrict the schools from suspending children upon disrupting school activities. This law includes children up to grade 8. New laws also give more power to districts in designing the charter of schools that fall in their communities.

  • Housing

Limits have been set on the landlords when it comes to increasing the rents. According to these limits, landlords can not increase the rent more than 5% plus the inflation of each year. The new law also gives absolute freedom to the renters to display whatever religious items that they want and the landlords have no right to restrict them.

  • Privacy

Drones and all the other electronic equipment have been banned to be used for surveillance in any place where people have valid and rational expectations to have privacy. The new laws that are being implemented in 2020 also give power to the residents of California to be in control of how their data is used by companies. They can also request to have any of their information deleted and the companies can not decline them.

  • Environment

Smoking has been made illegal in the majority of the public parks and beaches of California and anyone who is seen smoking in these areas will be charged a fine of $25. Recent studies showed that traces of tiny plastics have been found in products that had microbeads and hence they have been considered illegal.

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