How to Enjoy Your Later Years

A perfectly healthy lifestyle is more than just a good diet and exercise. It involves taking some time out of your busy schedule for yourself and spending it on hobbies that bring you joy and peace of mind. Utilizing your leisure time by engaging in such activities is not only a way to make good use of your free time but it also, directly or indirectly, benefits other aspects of your life.

Studies have shown that people who have a hobby experience less stress and boredom. Their heart rates are also lower and they are generally much happier people. Leisure activities are a great way to increase your creativity and hence helps you be more productive at your job.

Here are 5 hobbies and activities for your leisure time so that you can live a much healthier life;

  • Gardening

Gardening, surprisingly, has more benefits than just having your vegetables and fruits. Sure, it makes your backyard or front yard look all pretty and nice and welcoming but it also has some other important health benefits like;

  • Reduces your cortisol, a stress hormone, levels
  • Strengthens your belief in being able to change this world for better
  • Considered as an exercise
  • Improves your stamina and flexibility
  • Outdoor activities keep you away from vitamin D deficiency
  • Cooking/Baking

One cannot stress enough about the importance of cooking your meals instead of eating out regularly. Multiple studies have proved that people who eat homemade food live healthy and long lives as compared to those who do not. It is also effective to save money.

  • Reading

Just like exercise is a workout for your body, reading is known as a workout for your brain. Reading helps you focus, teaches you new words and their use, and boosts your comprehension skills. Reading also makes you emotionally intelligent. Studies show that book readers are generally kinder and more empathetic.

Nowadays, with the help of book clubs, reading has become a source of socializing. Last but not the least, reading improves your sleep so it is better to read a page or two before going to bed instead of using your phone.

  • Writing

Writing is an excellent tool for self-expression. It helps in organizing your thoughts so you can better understand them, increases your memory and reduces stress. You can also plan your goals in your journal and write down ways to accomplish them. You become better at problem-solving and it helps in self-evaluation as well which further makes you grow as a person. With that knowledge you will be better able to figure out what makes you happy and what you are passionate about and as a result you will be capable of becoming the best version of yourself.

  • Hiking

Hiking is one of the most beneficial hobby. You get to exercise, spend some time outside and experience the beauty of nature. It makes you feel relaxed and calm. It is an exercise for your body, mind, and soul as well.

Going on a hike with your family or friends every week or twice a month is also a great way to spend time with your loved ones and socialize.

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