Live Forever! – How Technology Today is Helping Humans Live Much Longer than Before

Today, technology is playing such a vital role in stretching our ages and we can become the first generation likely to exhibit the most super-centenarians on this planet. In 2012, the United Nations estimated that there were roughly 316,600 living people over the age of 100. By 2050, medical technologies will raise that number to over three million. World’s most elite companies are spending millions of dollars on the phenomena of aging and ho this process can be halted. So basically, technology is being used to fight the concept of death or aging that causes death. So this reveals that living beyond 100 would be routine in the upcoming times. This means fewer people would belong to home health care or hospice facilities and instead live a healthier life on their own, physically and mentally!

Experiments are being carried out at various research centers that are decoding age-related declines and symptoms. For example, a hormone named FGF21 has been tested on rats which increased their life expectancy by 40%. Other diseases that are prevalent in old ages such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, are targeted to be treated efficiently to add some decades into the age of man. 

Some recent innovations that are contributing to the research of defying aging is:

  • Gene therapy – tests carried on mice by extracting the genes related to aging, which has shown an increase in the life expectancy of mice by two times. 
  • Removal of toxins from the body which makes you feel old. This removal would allow people to feel younger, hence, called ‘rejuvenation technologies’.
  • Aging is also defined as the ‘wearing out’ of our body parts, organs and the oldness of systems that function in us. Scientists are developing artificial organs and limbs through 3D printing. For example, an artificial pancreas would administer the release of hormones by itself according to the levels of insulin in the body. 
  • Invention in sensors and micro-detectors can be registered inside the body to detect the minute changes that need to be administered such as, fluctuations related heart rate or certain hormone levels. 
  • Treatment of chronic and fatal diseases such as cancer; through artificial intelligence, there are customized plans and drugs to cure such diseases. In the past, there were times when cancer was known as the deadliest disease. Now, it can be cured and is effective with a higher probability of successful treatment of different types of cancer. 
  • More awareness and availability of doctors, mobile clinics, diagnosis through web and phone, etc. Thanks to the internet for such rapid transformation in the medical industry that long distances can be covered by space and time compression which benefits both the patients and the doctors. So even in emergency cases, the patients can find medical specialists due to easy accessibility due to technology.

Therefore, our quality of life has been greatly improved which can add years to our lifespan but there is no magic pill that can fight mortality and can change the rules of Nature. 

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