Top Jobs For People Who Like To Be Outdoors

Do you prefer the great outdoors to sitting in a four-walled room or cubicle? This, for some people, makes the 8 hours move by much faster compared to being stuck in an office from morning. For you to choose the great outdoors however you have to be brave enough to face the weather and all its moods. Here are a few jobs you can look at if interested in working outside.

  1. Agricultural Managers

Farmers, ranchers and all other managers dealing with establishments that produce crops, livestock and farm-related products fall in this category. Decisions made by agricultural managers include housing animals, feeding them and taking care of crop needs.

  • Surveying

Do you like math and would you enjoy spending time outside determining property boundaries as well as providing data on the shape and curve of the earth? Well, then this is the appropriate job for you.

  • Tour Guides

Trips are more fun when you have someone with you to show all the good spots. Tour guides make moving around look quite easy as they know the lay of the land like the back of their hand. Outdoor leaders can guide kids and adults in different settings and make adventures worthwhile.

  • Landscape Architecture

Quite a lot of brainpower is needed in making outdoor spaces look appealing and inviting. Now with more businesses going green, professionals who are environmentally moral are in demand to ensure resources are preserved. The task can be challenging but with accomplishments made, one feels even better.

  • Park Ranger

All you have to do for this job is to make sure that the rules and regulations are met to monitor the behavior of visitors and you are good to go. Walk around beautiful parks, keep them clean, keep a lookout for forest fires or anything hazardous and enjoy the fresh outdoors. Do not hesitate to take on the challenge where you feel you are up to the task.

This job has one of the richest legacies and never goes out of style. From pruning trees to removing dead and dying ones, you will never run out of things to do. People will always need an overgrown tree pruned, a tree felled, or a stump removed. Professional services provided come in handy as it cuts cost and time while ensuring the job is well done. You can even get to bulk up from all the physical activity you carry out. How cool is that!

  • Forester

These professionals ensure that forests and other natural assets are well managed. Their main role involves protecting the land from erosion while keeping forests safe. People and nature skills are important for this role since you will be working closely with landowners and government institutions to help prevent environmental damage.

  • Firefighter

If you love adding a touch of danger to your job description, then this is the right role for you. Wild land firefighters have a commitment to fire prevention and combat. This is a smoking hot job if you choose to take it.

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