Holiday Seasons Bring Mixed Emotions for so Many People

The holiday seasons bring mixed emotions for so many people. For some people, these seasons are the best time of the year, and for some, it may bring up sad memories. It all depends on the experiences affiliated with every person that how he takes a certain time of the year and what memories are associated with those times. So mixed emotions not always mean depressed or melancholic sentiments; it can mean so much than that. Feelings of excitement, tainted with nostalgia or memories of someone who was there with you last holiday season but is not here now.

Almost everyone can experience the roller coaster of emotions in the holiday seasons because it the time when everyone stays at their home and gives time to themselves and their loved ones. We are not busy in the daily grinds, nor do we want to think about anything work-related. Consequently, all we have on our minds and in front of our eyes is our kith and kin. So our thoughts are related to them, either they stem out from mixed emotions or clear emotions. 

Whether it’s Christmas, Easter or summer holidays, everyone goes back to their roots and tries to find a happy place for themselves. Some of the people, fly away from their once-a-happy-place as it inflicted bad memories to them and now, can never be their den of peace. Bad memories can mean that maybe their parents got divorced in those particular holidays, someone close to them passed away, or a breakup experienced with the one you loved. It can be anything. Along with that, it can also happen that you may have experienced a patch-up between your parents on Christmas eve, or your best friend surprised you on New Year’s eve; making those moments memorable for you in a positive sense. So mixed emotions are a part of holiday seasons but if you think they are overwhelming you and ruining your holidays, you can adopt some ways to refrain from this blend of bittersweet sentiments: 

  • Hug those parts of your memories that you can revive and enjoy in the present too. Let go of the negative recollections as they were the part of the past, and live your present to the fullest.
  • Visit your grandparents if they are a part of a hospice or home health care facilities. 
  • Create new memories. Meet new people on your holiday seasons; make new friends, visit your families and invite them to have a lovely feast. 
  • Instead, celebrate your lost ones. Cheers to the ones that you got and cheers to the ones you have lost. Accept the bitterness as a feeling of the past. 
  • Connect with nature. It would relieve you mentally and help you sustain peace. Cut a Christmas tree by yourself, give candies on Halloween, make a lovely deep-fried turkey on Easter and laugh loud with all your loved ones who are there for you. 
  • Appreciate and be thankful for all the blessings you have and allow yourself to find the true meaning of the holidays and their purpose to cleanse you spiritually.

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