Medicaid Changes Going into Effect For 2020

There are various changes that are afoot having a clear prospect of Medicaid expansion which is destined to could increase the uncertainty that is already grappling the government-funded program.

Medicaid, a known term to the collective mind of the American society, happens to be the third-largest government-funded program. Only recently the American Health Care Act (AHCA) is calling for changes in this healthcare program which will change the phase of the health care system of this nation.

Change in Funding

Thought as being one of the massive shifts, AHCA is switching the funding system to per capita or per for all the states. But this states which want to keep using the old system of block grants are in complete liberty of using them.

Scrapping Retro Medicaid

Retroactive coverage is the default of many states’ coverage this is the feature of this program that allows hospitals to submit 90 days old bills. This service has been working in the favor of some quarters of the society losing of which will be a significant loss.

More Procedural Variations

As in the coming year Medicaid will be undergoing wide scale expansion, which is introduce further variations in the eligibility standards and processes of different states. If the act makes it through the legislative processes then all the 51 states will have different procedures.  

Shift Towards Private Sector

Under the new act, some of the candidates have the probability to shifting if there are reductions basing on the grounds of qualifying. This can go in favor of patients of the government payment methods are replaced with more advances and easy methods.

Presumptive eligibility of Hospitals

After the passage of the act ACA , the states crafted a hospital presumptive eligibility regiment which works for all the hospitals, hospices and other healthcare facilities.  HPE gives the discretion to some employees inside the health care facilities.

Change in Re-Certification.

In the current way of functioning the states wants the patients availing the services of Medicaid to re-certify Medicaid coverage per-annum. The new act, has a condition that will require the new applicants to the system re-certify after every six months.


If the new act I.e. AHCA passes the floors of legislature and is not attacked by the court it will change the facade and the internal functioning of the government project.  The level of impact of  these changes  will depend greatly on the amount of funding earmarked for each state and how each states manage to generate through revenue generation exercises.

A lot, of changes are afoot that are set to overhaul the whole process and system of Medicaid. It is better that a detailed introspection is carried out that if the changes that are set o come have the popular support. This is the program for the people of US, the only party which will bear the brunt of ill-devised policies. There must be consensus among people and popular support before any substantial steps are ushered through the floor of legislature.

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