Top sunglasses in the world based on price

Everyone can agree with the fact that sunglasses have become more than just something that we use for our eye care. Over time, with an increase in their popularity, they have become a fashion statement, a luxury item and hence, a status symbol. No wonder that today we have sunglasses that are made of gold and sunglasses that cost thousands of dollars. With that said, here are the top sunglasses in the world based on price:

  • Chopard Gold Sunglasses

A collaboration between the luxury brand of sunglasses; De Rigo Vision and the Swiss Luxury jewelry brand; Chopard these sunglasses are one of a kind. The intricate and sophisticated design of these luxury sunglasses was made by using 24 karat gold that weighed 60 grams and 4 karats river diamonds that were perfectly cut.

The price of these sunglasses is around US $408,000 and that is why only the likes of Elton John and Gwyneth Paltrow can afford to wear them.

  • Dolce and Gabbana DG2027B Sunglasses

The words; Dolce and Gabbana are unfamiliar to anyone who loves a good pair of sunglasses. This Italian brand has become one of the world’s most renowned brand when it comes to luxury items. Everything that they make is sure to be unique and truly exceptional in their way and their sunglasses are no exception. 

With DG2027B, the brand decided to make the frame from gold and the arms from diamonds. This elegant and stylish combination of gold and diamonds is priced at $380,000 and hence they hold the second position when it comes to the world’s most expensive sunglasses. The design and the brand name are not all that is exceptional when it comes to these sunglasses, they also serve well when it comes to functionality. 

  • Shiels Jewelers Emerald Sunglasses

Shiels Jewelers is an Adelaide based Australian company that initially started in 1945 but did not step into the sunglasses and eye care industry until the 70’s. Inspired by the Roman emperor; Nero who is known to like to enjoy the gladiator flights with the help of green gemstones, these sunglasses are made from emerald stones and diamonds. 

Another interesting fact about these glasses, directly from the manufacturers, is that the emerald lenses for these glasses alone took five years to be sourced and then further 3 months were spent in their cutting, shaping and polishing. With all the rare material that was used and all the effort that it took to turn that material into the glasses, no wonder these glasses cost as much as $300,000.

  • Cartier Panthere Expensive Sunglasses

At the 4th position, we have the Cartier Panthere Glasses with a price tag of $159,000. Made by the world-famous French luxury brand; Cartier, these sunglasses have been worn by celebrities as well the Duchess of Cambridge; Kate Middleton herself. 

Made from 18 karat of white gold, 461 perfectly cut diamonds and 645 blue sapphires, these glasses are perfect for anyone who wishes to make a bold fashion statement.

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