Thief Steals Sunglasses but Leaves Million-Dollar Lottery Ticket

No matter how much a person says that they do not believe in miracles and strokes luck, no matter how much a person claims to be a realist, deep down we all have had moments in our lives we have thought about the possibility of winning a huge amount of money through lottery tickets. We have even gone as far as dreaming about what we would do with all the money. Maybe go to our favorite place, whether it be city or a beautiful beach on a breath-taking island, for one-month vacation, renovate our home like we always wanted to, buy our dream car, maybe help some of our relatives or, if we are feeling too generous and self-less, then donate it to some trustworthy society go help a good cause.

Well, it was one blessed day of May that a couple in Seattle was given the opportunity to bring these thoughts to reality. May 14 was the day that the said couple went online, only to see that they had won the prize of $1 million through the lottery ticket that they had bought 3 months before.

But this is not where their story starts. Their story starts on the day of 10th February, 2015; the day when they first purchased the Powerball lottery ticket. Not giving much thought to whether they were going to win this lottery or not, they placed the ticket in the car and forgot to pick it up again. 3 months had passed and they still had not gone online to see the winning numbers.

It was somewhere around the middle of May that they found the lottery ticket because of an unfortunate event, well maybe not so unfortunate because if it wasn’t for that event that they still wouldn’t have been reminded of the ticket. What happened was that the lottery ticket was still in their car, where they left it, when the thief successfully broke into their car. The lottery ticket was under a pair of sunglasses. The thief, probably in a hurry and from the fear of being caught, stole the sunglasses but missed the lottery ticket. When the couple came to know about the robbery, they began searching the car to see what other items the thief had stolen and that is when they noticed the lottery ticket.

Not caring about the stolen sunglasses anymore they immediately went online to see the winning numbers and they were amazed to find out that they had won. For 3 months they were millionaires and they didn’t have the faintest idea about it. Who knew that a robbery would have led them to winning a lottery of $1 million.

When asked how they were celebrating this and what they were going to do with their lottery money they said that they already had champagne as a celebration and for the money, they are either planning to go on a trip to Paris or Iceland. They said that they can also use the money to renovate their home and take care of it.

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