UK weather: Put away your sunglasses as SNOW is coming back and …

Global warming has caused more frequent hotter days than colder days across the globe. Heatwaves are becoming more common in the past decade in the regions where they were only imagined but never experienced. These weather conditions are triggered by greenhouse gas emissions which would result in drought, destruction in wildlife habitat, increasing temperature of infrastructure, threat to ecosystems, agriculture and above all, human health. Extreme heat is one of the leading causes of death in the USA, killing 600 people every year. This heatwave was transferred to the UK in 2018, where the highest temperature recorded was 29.1ᵒC, being the hottest April day in the last 70 years for London. 

One of the headlines of the UK news was narrated as,

The record-breaking heatwave is set to come to an abrupt end with frost, sleet and even snow forecast, despite being well into Spring.”

The news channel warned Britain to ‘put away their sunglasses as snow is coming back and the temperatures set to tumble.’ With piercing temperatures witnessed in many parts of England and the upcoming risk of snow evident in Scotland, Northern England and Wales. The mood swings of the weather of UK is convincing the British to take out their sunglasses, sunscreens and dwell in the flavors of ice lollies on one hand but also threatening to turn cold in the upcoming days. The Weather Outlook forecasted -5C lows in Scotland and 0C in northern England with frost, and cool daytime highs “crashing back down to earth.” As the icy Atlantic air move towards the east, there would be a possibility of flooding over eastern England, with heavy April showers which would be observed across Wales, north Scottish mountains and northern England. 

So you don’t have to put your thermals away with this striking 29ᵒC plummeting temperatures. Just hold your horses before you dwell in the rare but now frequently happening heatwaves to even your tan! You have a couple of days to show-off your summer attires, enhanced with your collection of accessories such as trendy reflectors and sunglasses, which can serve the dual purpose of eye care from the scorching Sun, and fashion, simultaneously. This ephemeral heatwave would persuade you to buy all the cotton dresses and hottest fashion trends in the market but save your money for the upcoming air frosts, with descending mercury and ascending cold. 

Well, this kind of double-edged weather can bring you many chances to display your wardrobe of both summers and winters! For summers, you know the essential accessory which will complete your entire look and vibe, sunglasses for sure. They will not only protect your eyes from many eye-related problems that this scorching sun could cause but also frame your face to align your entire look. This unplanned and effortless show is your chance to show off your sunglasses collection; you decide to wear these shades as your headband or even tuck them in your collar but don’t forget to take care of your eyes as your priority! 

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