Ho Ho Ho, how you can spend your Christmas parties with a fun activity

Hosting a Christmas party is all kinds of exciting and fun. You decorate your house, you start thinking about the dishes that you are going to make and you also make a list of all the people that you are going to invite. These are things that everyone stresses over and spends days deciding. But one of the most important things and something that almost every host forgets is how to keep your guests engaged and entertained.

You think that guests can interact or you can just put something interesting on the television and everything will be fine. But that does not always work out. Almost every party that you go to, this is the case and quite often people get tired of watching the television and talking. In such cases going a step further and planning some activities for your guests makes a huge difference in making your guests satisfied and happy. So here are some of the activities that you can arrange while hosting a Christmas party to make your guest’s time special and memorable.

  • White Elephant

A classic holiday game that groups of all sizes and ages can enjoy. What happens is that everyone brings a wrapped gift. Once all the guests have arrived and have contributed their gifts, the players get up and pick a gift from the collection. This is where it gets interesting. Now that player either has the option to pick the gift he brought or he can also pick any gift that he wants. One by one everyone picks a gift until there are no gifts left and this is where the games end.

The only struggle with this game is that you would need to convey the guests before the party that they have to bring a gift with them.

  • Christmas Cookie Decorating

Just bake a bunch of plain cookies, set a table with icing, sprinkles, and other Christmas themed edible topping, and ask your guests to show their creativity and talent by decorating cookies. What’s better is that you can even surprise the guests by offering the same cookies later when you serve some hot cocoa or coffee.

  • Archery Tag

Archery Tag is a really good initiative that combines fun, sports and family in a truly unique and exciting way. You book yourself a location, they give you archery equipment and some scenarios that make the game competitive and interesting. Next thing you know you have a bow and arrow and you are shooting arrows and fighting against your family and friends and running away from them, basically having the most fun times of your life.

Your location can be anywhere you want it to be. If your backyard is big enough then you can even books that and they will bring everything to you. You can even play this game indoors so in case it is snowing on the day you hosted the party then that is not going to be a problem.

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