8 Sunglasses to Steal from Ace Cricketer Rohit Sharma This Summer

Rohit Sharma is not only a famous Indian international batsman but also part of the celebrated domestic IPL team, the Mumbai Indians. Sharma’s many achievements in the cricket world like being the only Indian player scoring three double centuries in the international cricket makes him a star today and that’s why a star’s fashion sense as well as signature looks are followed everywhere. Being sponsored by several brands like Hublot and CEAT, Sharma has to carry various looks on many events as a guest, brand ambassador, cricketer and a philanthropist too.

Nowadays, sunglasses are not only used for eye care but as a fashion tool too. We will reveal you 8 sunglasses to steal from ace cricketer Rohit Sharma this summer.

  1. Brow Bar Sunglasses

Sharma has pulled off the vacation look very well with this fresh style; with only one accessory being shown in this photo. These sunglasses have a top bar/brow bar right above the bridge of the frame and is a voguish look to display in between the waves of the ocean.

  • Golden Rim Sunglasses

With this kind of holiday outfit, Rohit has set a pentagonal kind of lens fitted in a golden frame to enhance the color of the lens of the sunglasses and contrast them with his printed shirt. He is just moving in the right direction to make his followers awed by his July guise.

  • Round and Black Sunglasses

As his Instagram caption for this post quite demonstrates his love for different kind of sunglasses, this time he shows them off with his wife and his affinity with the sun by calling themselves as ‘sunnies’. These round and black lens with a not so prominent rim and grey temple sunglasses is the right kind of casual yet trendy look by Rohit Sharma.

  • Semi-Rimless Reflectors

How effortlessly he is drawing the attention towards his semi-rimless reflectors in the field. I can bet that the fans were pleased with Rohit’s powerful reflectors more than his game! These reflectors are highly recommended by optometric specialists under the high exposure of the Sun so guys, don’t forget to keep this pair in your collection.

  • The World Cup Shades

Rohit’s bridge-less sunglasses frames out his face so well and he knows how to self-assuredly pull off shades with top bars as seen in most of his looks. He is just ready to ace the World Cup 2019!

  • Maldives Vibin’

Enjoying his second home with friends and family, Rohit’s ultra-modern vibes in Maldives with his yellow reflectors reveals his trend-setting sunglasses collection.

  • Going Bar-less and Rim-less

We can rarely see Rohit with some square lens sunglasses which is without the top bar and also rimless. He is so good in knowing which, how, when and where to wear his shades!

  • Sunglasses and Ceremonies

He absolutely doesn’t to forget to wear them sunglasses, even not in his on wedding ceremony! Brilliantly contemporary and traditional at the same time.

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