Top Hospice in Arizona: A Look at River Valley Hospice

Arizona offers some of the best, top-notch hospice care in the country. Hospice is an affirmative approach to care that considers the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs and wishes of patients and their families. Hospice care might be an option for a loved one with terminal illness where all treatment options have been exhausted. 

Hospice care provides comfort, support and dignity. Care can be provided at a residence; at an assisted living facility; or wherever a patient calls home.

At River Valley Hospice, Arizona, boutique-level services and compassionate care are provided by a team of professionals that includes physicians, nurses, licensed nursing assistants, social workers, trained volunteers, a non-denominational chaplain, a bereavement counselor and support staff.

River Valley Hospice strives to meet patients’ physical, emotional, and spiritual needs while providing support for the entire family during the illness.

River Valley Hospice runs 12 other hospices in other states including Golden Valley, Bullhead City, Kingman, Golden Shores, Topock, Lake Havasu City, Blythe, Big River, Needles, Parker, Havasu Landing and all of La Paz County.


At River Valley, nurses provide among other specialized care, comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s health, administration of injection of IV, medication, monitoring of any changes in diagnosis, medication, or devices and educating patients and their caregivers on how to best cope with their condition. This way they assist patients become more independent in the long run. 

Nurses also coordinate care between physicians, patients and their families and other care team members. For more in-depth information on nurses’ care to patients and family caregivers, visit River Valley Hospice website 

Physical Therapy

By providing physical therapy to develop and maintain muscle tone and mobility, patients at River Valley Hospice find that they have regained  their mobility, independence and almost always resume their daily routines in the comfort of their own homes or where they call home. Patients resume activities like walking, getting out of bed, sitting up, maneuvering safely whether on their feet or assisted with a walker or wheelchair among others. 

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy (OT) assists patients develop strategies that help them resume, relearn or maintain essential normal daily routines. These activities are best done at home to help patients get the most out of the program in a familiar environment to them. This way they are able to gain a sense of independence once more.

Other services include speech therapy, medical social work, home health aides, and dieticians. 

For more information about the services offered, visit 

The mission of River Valley Hospice is to bring compassionate care into the homes of those suffering from a life-limiting or terminal illness. Hospice services are available for those who have decided, with the consent of their family physician, — to receive comfort care rather than seek a cure for their illness. Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, and individuals provide the funding for hospice services. No one will be turned away from River valley hospice services because of an inability to pay.

Visit or call now to discuss your unique situation.

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