Extreme Recreational Activities

Part of what makes a vacation is the jaw- dropping beauty of a destination. The newness of it all tends to bury itself into our subconscious, always resurfacing as a memory months later. However, the other part of what makes a vacation worthwhile, is the adventures that it affords.

Some of us prefer lounging under the hot sun on a white sandy beach for hours. Most of us sports enthusiasts, however, prefer to move around, explore and discover a place that we might never get a chance to visit again. From taking in the beautiful scenes to jumping off a cliff and diving in the cold blue water, a vacation can never be complete without adventure.

Or perhaps you’re not on vacation, but you live for sports and recreational activities, particularly the adrenaline pumping kind. If you’re an adrenaline junkie looking for the next heart pounding adventure, below is a list of extreme outdoor activities to consider.

2120Archery Tag

If you’ve taken part in traditional archery and/or dodge ball, 2120Archery tag is a little bit of both. Also known as archery combat, 2120archery tag tests your reflexes and archery skills as you literally aim to win. The game often involves a minimum of eight and a maximum of eighteen people that are then divided into two groups.

For safety, the players are required to wear safety masks. Each player is provided with a barrier, which he can use to shield himself during the game. Notably, the arrows are fastened with a foam tip to augment the safety of the players.

This game is fast-paced and extremely fun.


Sometimes admiring the stunning canyons and mountains separated by a curtain of water just isn’t enough. For some of us, we want to experience that beauty and somehow be a part of it. Canyoning is a sport that requires the individual to use his legs for support and life himself up using his arms.

A certain level of physical fitness will be required, which doesn’t mean you can’t try it. All you have to do is start getting yourself physically ready while researching the safest places to go canyoning. It’s always advisable to go with a guide and/or instructor regardless of whether you’re a professional or beginner.

Hang Gliding

We no longer have to look up and wonder how it would feel to fly and glide through the air. Leonardo da Vinci set the pace for us, and we naturally followed. Today, we can glide through the sky while admiring the stunning nature beneath as we travel at the speed of 30 miles per hour.


Its inception can be traced to the shores of France, where the 1970s, two brothers had an idea. Armed with a kite, a surfing board and the strong winds of the Atlantic coast, Kite surfing or kite boarding was discovered. If you’ve ever gone paragliding and/or surfing, this sport shouldn’t be hard to grasp.

However, be sure to have an instructor to teach you the ropes before you can give it a try. Once you’re ready to try it out, it will rank among the top most enjoyable sport on your list.

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