Ten Tips To Have Good, Clean, Fun, Outside of the Office

Let’s face it: if the office environment is a but stringent, the office environment can become a little stifling. In such an environment, you can expect employees to be watching the clock like their lives depend on it, waiting for the time to clock out. Such an environment, as research has shown, does not encourage the employees to perform or put their best foot forward. Instead, it does the exact opposite.

Your employees are your greatest asset, and creating avenues for which they can alleviate stress and feel valued is imperative. Many business organizations have caught on have thus started, adding fun activities to their office work space. Some have added in- built gyms, while others often have their employees engaged in outdoor recreational activities.

Studies show that recreational activities help alleviate stress, increase the bond among workers and improve their overall productiveness. If you’re an employer looking for ideas on how to have good, clean, fun, outside the office, this article is for you.

Go For A Field Trip

The last thing you want to do is encourage monotony in the workplace. The only way you can do this is by never having your employers outdoors or encouraging a creative way to relax.

Pick a specific day and plan a field trip for your employees. You can have them visit parks or zoos, but do not have them do anything else other than relax. This will help increase the bondbetween your employees and even the bond between you as the boss, and them.

Play 2120 Archery Tag

Our childhood memories are clouded with us playing dodge ball or even paintball. We loved those games and inwardly wish we could play them again. Well, you and your employees can, by simply signing up to 2120Archery Tag.

2120Archery tag is an extreme sport that is appropriate for all ages starting from the age of eight going up. The participants are required to wear masks for protection, even though the tip of the arrow is made of foam. The game encourages team building and bonding through a vigorous but fun game or archery.

Escape Room

If you’re looking to improve communication among your employees, this is the game to have them involved in. It is also ideal to challenge individuals into tapping into their problem solving skills. With at least 60 minutes, they have to solve clues and puzzles and ultimately solve a mystery.

Organize a Scavenger Hunt

Organizing and having your employees engage in a scavenger hunt is a sneaky way to encourage team building and challenge their problem solving skills. All you need to do is divide your employees into teams and create a list of tasks that the teams should accomplish in order to win.

It’s fun and engaging as well.

The Mine Field

The mine field game seeks to nurture communication and trust between the employees. Additionally, other than increasing the bond between them, it should challenge their listening skills.

To set it up, place a number of random things in an area free of human and car traffic. Somewhere like a park. Ensure that the things you place around the area are not harmful in any way, should a person stumble on them.

Then have a worker blindfolded. The blind folded employee is to listen to the instructions of another employee as they try to get from point A to be B without stepping on the random objects. It’s a fun recreational activity and is appropriate for all ages.

Blind Retriever

After you’ve divided your employees into groups, have one member from each group blindfolded. Another individual from the group is supposed to provide verbal instructions that should guide them towards a hidden object.

The Egg Drop

This team building recreation activity is centered on engaging your employees problem solving skills. Split your employees into three or more groups and hand each team an uncooked egg.

The goal is to have them build something that can protect the egg from breaking once dropped from a high distance. Be sure to time them, maybe 20 to 30 minutes before you can test their contraptions.

Water Balloon Toss

This sport is perfect for a warm. Like most team building games, divide people into two teams and have them toss water balloons back and forth to each other. If the balloon pops, the individual is out. The last balloon that survives makes the winning team.

Human Knot

This is a type of sport activity that is both challenging and fun at the same time. Have your workers gathered around to form a circle. Then ask them to reach out across the circle and grab someone’s hand across the circle. Then ask them to do the same with their left hand by grabbing somebody else’s hand.

With a timer in place, they are supposed to untangle their linked hands without actually releasing them. The game is easier to play if you divide the players into small groups so as to form smaller circles.

Three Truths, One Lie

This game requires that each member playing state three truths about themselves and one lie. The lie should be as believable as possible to make it difficult for the others to spot it.

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