Why Do Security Guards Wear Sunglasses?

While they look pretty cool in them and dressed immaculately in black, bodyguards and security personnel wear sunglasses not for fashion, for starters, dark glasses help deflect direct sunlight and glares. As paid professional observers, the most important tools that executive protection agents as they prefer to be called, are their wits and most importantly their eyes to identify potential danger to those they protect. Wearing ordinary glasses with non-tempered lenses can shatter on impact as they lack impact-resistance consequently, they can break into hazardous sharp-edged pieces if hit by projectiles.

Bodyguards only wear dark glasses that are not only safety-certified but also impact resistant to among other things, increase the contrast of their view as well as for protection from debris and flying objects that may be encountered. Of course, the preference is completely left to individual discretion, therefore, agents can wear any brand that they want from the likes on Revo’s, Ray-Bans, Oakley, Maui Jim, etc.

Optical care is vital and in addition to helping keep the sun out of their eyes, agents wear sunglasses because they have technology built into them and as a result, the glasses increase their ability to see what people in the crowd are doing by reducing the glare and strong sunshine. Security personnel need to be extremely alert in wide open spaces and while it’s human nature to duck for cover when sudden disruption occurs wearing dark glasses hides the wearer’s emotions, consequently helping them to quickly recover from the initial shock and plan a counter-attack without giving the aggressor an upper hand.

As aforementioned, dark sunglasses give the eye a neutral black tone making it easy to see beyond color restrictions and as a result, the wearer can blink less and keep eyes open for longer periods. Thanks to tech advancements, sunglasses like Oakleys are considered a suitable pair of safety glasses according to the American National Standards Institute because they test their lenses for both heavy object low-speed impact and lighter weight high-speed impact. The good news is, safety sunglasses be they security, shooting even hunting come in a wide range of frame styles, lens tints, lens colors and if you want to eliminate the glare polarized lenses on sunglasses eliminate a lot of brightness. Additionally, you can have your prescription lenses fitted to double up as “sunnies.”

Of course, you cannot control the light source or the surface polarized and anti-glare coatings for prescription lenses are worth the money for security agents who are constantly outside or driving their clientele. This dramatically reduces the glare and because some glasses wrap around the face they keep out debris thus providing additional protection because they are made from impact-resistant material. Who knew that apart from UV protection and to help avoid glares from sunlight or direct flashes, wearing dark sunglasses helps bodyguards to provide better protection services to their clients and help them feel more comfortable within the environment all in the name of eye care.

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