Top 9 Places To Host Your Teenager’s Birthday Party In The IE

2120 Archery Tag incorporates the core concepts of dodge ball, paintball and traditional archery. Since it requires no skill or training at all, everyone is likely to feel included and have fun. Players are provided with masks for protection. Notably, the payers are armed with foam-tipped arrows to augment safety and prevent injuries.

2120 Archery tag has been voted as a fun activity for all ages, and your teenager will love you for it.

Inland Empire Escape Rooms

Given a 4.7 star rating, Inland Empire Escape Rooms are where every teenager would like to spend their birthday in the company of friends. With a wide range of clues and only 60 minutes to solve them, the party members will be feeding on their adrenaline. The games have an element of mystery and are perfect for any teenager that is in love with solving mysteries.  

Fiesta Village Colton

This amusement park is known to be the top places to host a birthday party. This could be largely due to birthday packages that are tailored to fit anyone’s budget or the numerous fun activities that they offer. It includes recreational activities that teenagers tend to enjoy such as ice skating, racing and so forth.

Mulligan Family Fun Murrieta

This place can easily be assumed as ideal for only little children. However, what makes this amusement park unique and popular is its versatility and diversity. They offer everything from Go Karts and Rock walls to Lazer Tag and even an Arcade. It’s the perfect place for all ages and especially for teenagers looking for a fun sports activity to engage in.

K1 Speed Ontario

If you know your teenager is into race cars and Nascars, taking them to the K1 Speed Ontario would be a dream come true. The place not only hosts teenagers but younger kids as well. Hence, they have Karts that are ideal for young children as well as ones that are ideal for teenagers.

Keep in mind that the track time is 12 race rounds and 12 practice rounds. You might want to have the teenagers eat before arriving at the venue since they do not provide food. However, they do allow families to come with birthday cakes.

SC Village

You’d be hard-pressed to find a group of teenagers and adults who do not enjoy paintball. In SC Village, you can offer your teenager and his/her friends the full experience at an affordable price.

Brunswick Bowling

Just like you can never outgrow Lazer tag, you can never outgrow bowling. Brunswick bowling offers special packages for birthday parties, making it worth your while. The fact that they offer unlimited bowling means that teenagers can stay as long as they like.

Ontario Center Ice

Looking to voted as the best mom or dad of the year? Host your teenager’s party at the famous Ontario Center Ice Arena. The arena offers programs such as figure skating and public skating, but also host birthday parties and other events.

Brunswick Classic Lanes

Brunswick Classic is known to host some of the best birthday celebrations. It hosts everything from kids and corporate parties to teen parties and all at an affordable price. They offer an arcade, 40 bowling lanes and a pool area. It is simply perfect.

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