New Unique and Fun Sports to Look Out For In 2020

Did you know that only 15% of employees worldwide are enthusiastically invested in their work and loyally commit their time, talent, and energy in adding value to their team and organization? What causes employee disengagement, and what can be done? Boosting morale among employees, such as involving them in a company sports day is crucial for the success of any organization because contented workers are more productive, and they respond to more than just monetary perks.

Here are morale-boosting sports that foster teamwork, promote a sense of camaraderie and connectivity, not only between employees, but also with students, friends, and families too. Be sure to design team T-shirts and hats for the sports day activities.

  1. 2120Archery Tag – This is a year-round recreational and competitive sport that is suitable for people of all ages and has games for everyone. For example, you shoot indoors or outdoors at paper targets with field archery while 3D archery allows you to shot or practice with three-dimensional foam animals in a wooded course or on a roving course at distances up to 80 yards.

The feeling of shooting a bow and drilling a bull’s eye or executing a great shot is what makes archery a fantastic sport for building self-esteem, confidence, and enjoying a sense of accomplishment. Additionally, you get to make lifelong buddies from all over the world, plus you find safe and ethical ways of sourcing your protein if bow hunting appeals to you.

  • Sport climbing – Speed climbing, bouldering, and lead climbing are activities to look out for in 2020 if you are looking for a physically engaging, full-body sport that gets you in prime fitness condition. Sport climbing activities are performed on an indoor rock climbing wall or out in nature, and the climb requires the right mindset and the best climbing because ultimately, the sport will test your body and mind’s endurance, strength, agility, and balance. It’s one of the best workouts that offer mega benefits, and with the right climbing strategy, you can have a lean, toned body and a more focused brain.
  • Cycling – It’s common knowledge that cycling is a healthy exercise and what used to be a greener, stress-free and economical way of getting around has gradually become one of the most incredibly fulfilling and liberating sport you should be proud to get involved in. Plus the UCI world cup circuit makes its debut in 2020 so, if you are keen on joining the BMX racing team, this is the time to start training.
  • Shooting – While there is usually some well-justified nervousness in handling a firearm, shooting is both an exhilarating outdoor recreational activity and competitive sport that can reinforce cohesion between teams. Here are other activities you can enjoy in the coming year, both competitively or as part of your recreation regimen;
  • Canoeing and kayaking
  • Rowing
  • Surfing
  • Mixed martial arts
  • Judo
  • Karate – Either in Kata forms or Kumite sparring disciplines
  • Triathlon
  • Boxing

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