Top Shooting Ranges In Southern CA

There’s nothing as invigorating as having adrenaline pumping through your veins as you play a certain sports activity. It’s what every sports enthusiast look for whenever they sign up for a new activity or go out for recreation. Today, we have a myriad of choices, from archery tag and hang gliding to white water rafting an bungee jumping.

You’ve probably given all the aforementioned sports activities a try, and are looking for something new and different. Well, how about trying out a shooting range? A shooting range, also known as a firing range is designed for those looking to practice holding and shooting a firearm. Additionally, the staff at the shooting range should be trained to teach one how to handle a gun appropriately.

Safety is of the highest concern to every shooting range and rules should be adhered to avoid any accidents. If you are a resident of Southern California, below are the top shooting ranges that you should visit.

Los Angeles Gun Club

Other than offering free parking space to all their customers, the Los Angeles Gun Club is armed with a well-experienced team. The team has been credited for their superb training and excellent equipment. This shooting range is ideal for both professionals and beginners alike.

Target Range

With a little more than three decades in the business, Target Range has had plenty of time to win over the hearts of the people in California. They offer a wide range of services such as firearms sales, training and even a shooting range. If you are a sports enthusiast that is always looking for avenues for fun recreational activities, give this one a try. 

American Defense Enterprises

This shooting range is highly popular for their pistol and shotgun classes. The staff is made up of fun and friendly people that are easy to work with and learn from. Safety is their highest concern and always work with you according to your pace of learning.

It’s the perfect place for those looking to purchase a firearm, but have no idea how to handle them. This way, you can handle a gun with knowledge and avoid any ugly accidents.

ShootSocal Firearms And Training

ShootSocal Firearms and Training boast of a five-star rating, and rightly so. Every review from their customers has been positive and genuine. This shooting range specializes in firearm training and rifle classes which often take 2 hours or less.

Angeles Shooting Ranges

Equipped with multipurpose lanes, the Angeles Shooting Ranges are extremely popular among the people in Southern California. In fact, parking spots are said to disappear fairly quickly as soon as the sun comes out. They are extremely organized and have a dedicated safety team that is extremely attentive and careful.  

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