The Most Exciting Team Building Activities

Most of us fret the thought of getting involved in any company team building activities because, unfortunately, you are either forced to perform mundane tasks such as getting through a pie eating and egg dropping contest or holding hands to sing kumbaya. Recreational sports are meant to keep everyone engaged and connected so that teammates can learn things about each other, including how to communicate and work together effectively, and have fun while at it. Here are a few exciting team building activities;

  1. GPS Adventure – This game involves finding various hidden items within a specific geographic location, which could be anywhere around the office, a park or neighborhood with the help of GPS coordinates. Each group of teammates needs to have a hand-held GPS device and must solve the puzzles in order to find all the items and return to base within a specific time that has been set by a moderator. This problem-solving activity is a fun and engaging way to motivate teams to collaborate so as to achieve a shared goal.
  2. Blind Wine Waiter – Whether you choose to use real wine or just water, this game is ideal specifically for individuals that need to loosen up with each other because they face communication issues at the workplace and. In this game, teams get one waiter, one wine bottle, one glass, and one corkscrew hidden in the room. The goal is for the waiter to find the wine bottle while the rest of his team finds the wine glasses, and the activity is over only when the wine has been served and drunk without breaking anything. Communication and knowing your teammates, in this case, is vital.
  3. Frostbite – All teams are blindfolded (“snow-blinded” if you wish), and in this game, they are supposed to work together and build a tent within an allotted time in order to save their motionless team leader who is unable to help them because he’s suffering from severe frostbite.
  4. Truth and Lie game – In this game, each player must come up with three actual facts and one believable lie about themselves. Once a teammate tells their story, the rest of the team are open to discuss which one is a lie. This activity is geared to help people know each other better because it essentially gives them equal opportunities to reveal some vital information about themselves that they would otherwise hold back were they introverts.
  5. The Slideshow – This is a fun game that boosts creativity and motivates teammates to think on their feet. In the slideshow, one player tells a story that describes an event, and the rest of the team are left to act out the slide show for the presentation, by repeating the story in motion. Under the circumstances, teams are forced to think quickly and collaborate closely in order to demonstrate how effectively they can support each other and work together to perform a difficult task. What is your take on these activities?
  6. Archery Tag – Round your co-workers up and partake in an intense game of archery tag! Imagine the world of Hunger Games coming to life. Your team, if large enough, will split into two teams. If your group is smaller, then your team could face another random team. The field is covered with obstacles and walls that you could hide behind! Nothing brings a team closer than an active game of tag, but with a twist, bows and arrows that is!

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