The Pros and Cons of Archery Tag, Laser Tag and Paintball

Almost every time you think of fun outdoor activities, archery, laser tag, and paintball are probably the first ideas that usually spring to mind. While they are great fun playing them, but they do have some advantages and disadvantages too.

Archery Tag

Pros: This sport has many benefits that go beyond fun. For starters, aiming and firing the arrow not only increases your focus, but it also improves hand-eye coordination significantly. Your body too must be in a stationary and upright position while taking a shot, which in turn, improves balance and after some time and practice, you gets better at gaining control of the body. Additionally, you place tension on your arms, hands, chest, and shoulders when practicing, and as a result, such repetitive movement leads to muscle development and strength building.

Cons of Archery

  • While you can do it in your backyard if it is big enough, you need to be financially ready to spend a few bucks because the equipment will cost you quite a bit.
  • Restringing a bow on your own is hard, therefore, you need either need to the help of a bow specialist to have it done a particular device called a bow press that is held in the string and the limbs
  • People with severe disabilities can only use specialized equipment to enjoy the sport

Laser Tag

Pros: If you are looking for a fast-paced and action-packed game that encourages sportsmanship, camaraderie, teamwork, and boosts communication skill-building, then you must give laser tag game a go. There are a variety of team games to choose from that fit both the young and old plus each game has a different format and allows all teams involves to improve their score to win. While laser tag is a low-impact recreational activity, it’s a high-action game that gets the heart rate up, making it the best sport that can improve your overall fitness and performance endurance.

Cons of Laser Tag

  • It’s more fun for kids
  • Hits from guns can be difficult to notice or keep tabs
  • It’s not particularly competitive


Cons: Paintball is one of the most active sports that involve a whole lot of dodging, running, crawling, and diving all while making sure that your marker is pointed at your “enemy.” You can get a fantastic full-body workout, all while having fun with your co-workers, family or friends. This goes to show that you can have fun playing paintball as you get a full-body without realizing that you are building targeted muscles in the legs, arms, and core while at it. Playing paintball also gives you a chance to vent your frustration and de-stress, and by so doing, this can improve your sleep, even reduce the risk of stress-related heart diseases, blood pressure, and depression.

Cons of Paintball

  • Paintball is not a cheap sport
  • The equipment is just as expensive
  • Tournaments charge for registration
  • You need a lot of time to master it

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