Hipster Snake Was Born With an Ironic Mustache and Sunglasses

Sunglasses were a result of human creativity, right? Humans invented sunglasses to look stylish and to protect their eyes from the harmful effects of radiation in the sun’s rays. But was man the first to dawn this stylish look? Probably not. The stylish hipster snake gives a different opinion. Can you imagine a snake with a mustache and sunglasses?

At first glance, you can judge the effortless fashionable appearance of this snake. Instead of thinking of it as being cold-blooded, it is first cool-blooded then cold-blooded. Known only from Karlie Gray’s photos, this snake has become famous than most people will ever be with images of him making rounds on social media. Photos shared by the Texas Parks and Wildlife tend to support this idea. His appearance is of a rather stylish western rat snake. He was spotted out and about probably taking a crawl to some underground coffee shop or bar that you definitely do not know about for a midday cold beer to cool off from the scorching Texas heat.

The facial markings of the snake seem as though he is wearing a pair of over-sized black sunglasses. In addition, he appears to have a perfectly ironic mustache for the complete hipster look. If you don’t know anything about the hipster vibe and how to pull off the hipster look, you can probably learn a thing or two from this snake.

When the photo of the hipster made rounds on social media pages, people poured in their sentiments. Some loved him and thought him to be really cool while others could really not stand him because he is still a snake. Nevertheless, there was more love for this hipster snake than hate. The only concern would be whether he is poisonous or not. If he is then he is totally a ‘genuine thug’ according to one of the comments on Facebook.

Isn’t it interesting how diverse the animal kingdom is? A hipster snake with sunglasses! Who would have thought that the inventor of sunglasses may have encountered this snake and thought the appearance of the snake could also look good on humans too. If indeed he did then he pulled it off quite well since today’s sunglasses have some similarities in use to those of the Western Rat Snake.

There is always something to be learned from even the creatures who run a little more mainstream. Open your eyes and see all the opportunities around you to get ideas from the animal kingdom or the environment in general. Who knows, you might become famous like the hipster Western rat snake or even more.

The photo of this cool hipster snake in sunglasses and a mustache to complete the look is available on https://www.thedodo.com/hipster-snake-mustache-sunglasses-2063523886.html. You can go check it out for yourself so that you can see for yourself that terming the snake as cool and hipster is not an exaggeration but a true definition of his look.

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