The Top 10 Most Fun Fundraisers To Help Your Non-Profit

Fundraising is important for a multitude of reasons, and there are a slew of benefits, not just the bottom line ranging from increasing engagements to an opportunity to grow your network with new supporters not to mention building camaraderie. The good news is, most people are excited to support a worthy cause, but they also want to have fun while at it. So, it’s crucial to find charitable event sponsors, come up with an enjoyable event, promote it across multiple platforms and select a wallet-friendly avenue that donors will be excited to attend and most importantly, recap the activity on their social media channels.

Here are the top ten event ideas that may help you reach your fundraising goals and raise more awareness for your non-profit organization;

  1. Singles Night – Imagine how much dating hopefuls spend on dating sites and then leverage on this by creating a personalized event where both parties can come together through activities that tie directly back to your cause. Don’t forget to spread the word on dating sites for this worthy occasion.
  2. Pamper-Yourself Day – Nothing excites over-worked moms like a day of pampering. So, you need to come up with various stalls or booths offering luxury beauty treatments, chair massage, makeovers, including wellness items as well as yoga or meditation clothing.
  3. A Rummage Sale – It’s important to start advertising the event early on and mention that the proceeds will go toward supporting your non-profit so as to motivate people to come to your sale and be generous in their purchases.
  4. Design and Sell T-shirts – This is a two-pronged idea that can help you promote your cause and give your supporters a memorable item in exchange for their donations.
  5. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising – While it requires investment in dedicated campaign software, it only involves recruiting online volunteers to create their own unique pages to generate a massive online community organically on your behalf.
  6. Crowdfunding– It’s one of the easiest ways to get funds, but you must have a clear goal or an emotionally compelling story that will garner support.
  7. Pledge Campaign Challenges – Are you an avid cyclist, a swimmer, or a sports person? This fundraising idea is a great way to catch the attention of supporters by asking them for pledges in exchange for your completing a specific challenge.
  8. 2120 Archery Tag – There’s no greater motivator like an exciting group activity. Archery Tag offers a night of fun and bonding. Tickets can be sold to family and friends.
  9. Hold a 50/50 Raffle – While the winner gets half of the funds you raise when you pair it with a more significant fundraising event, it can be a quick and easy way to raise money. 
  10. Specific-Amount Fundraiser – You need to pick a day that is relevant to the cause you’re raising money for plus a reasonable amount to ask people to contribute.

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