Wood- Why Buy When You Can Make Holiday Gifts from Wood

Holiday gifts are easy to choose since nowadays they come in nicely packed baskets that include items ranging from wine, chocolate, essential oils, beauty product, pastries, etc. But, when you think about it even when the prices are “all-inclusive,” you are essentially paying more on items that you can easily make. How about this year you create cleverly-crafted, and personalized gifts from wood that your friends and family will appreciate and won’t end up as clutter in their garage.

Forget over-priced beauty products or clothes, because if you are handy and creatively inclined, you can use timber to make fantastic DIY presents that everyone will love. Wooden gifts are not only cost-effective; they are also eco-friendly and make long-lasting charms that are perfect for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, and any other special occasion that comes to mind.

Whether you are a woodworker or not, scrap wood ideas are super easy to come up with and make for the perfect handmade gifts for home decor. All you need is a vivid imagination and a willingness to give it a try since timber makes one of the most versatile materials, that is readily available and economically feasible plus because it’s incredibly malleable, it can be manipulated into beautiful works of art. Additionally, depending on the variety, some woods can be painted different colors to adapt to one’s preferences, or theme plus some exteriors don’t need much altering because they are beautiful as they are, therefore, can be considered art. 

Considering how long it takes for other materials to lose their like-new luster, wood is surprisingly simple to maintain plus the older it gets, the more aesthetically-pleasing an item looks. Also, instead of buying salvaged wood, making distressed wood for a fraction of the price is incredibly easy, and you can give it texture, a rustic and homey appeal using simple techniques and treatments you can find online that will take any store-bought wood from cheap to chic. So, skip the expensive stuff and find inexpensive timber for your next DIY gift project.

Not only are wooden gifts organic and present you with a plethora of perfect keepsake ideas that suit various age groups, but they also don’t take a lot of resources to produce, plus, they help curb carbon emissions, unlike other synthetic materials. If you want to go outside the norm and are looking for something a bit different but still affordable to get your mom, dad, sibling(s) or significant others a present that symbolizes your love and one they will appreciate for years to come, look no further than wooden gifts. Here are gift ideas that are not only a growing trend lately, but are also easy to craft:

  • Personalized wedding wine box made from solid oak
  • A decorative makeup organizer
  • Personalized wooden coasters, serving tray and condiment holders featuring a monogram, logo or design
  • Rustic wooden side table lamp
  • Wood-turning wine bottle and glass holder
  • A wooden bath caddy

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