Travel light: the best way to travel with all your hair products

In the summer season, most people get the chance to visit that place they have probably listed in their bucket list. You must consider hair care because looking good is mandatory from head to toe. You need to carry Monat hair products because they will ensure your hair stays healthy, strong and growing. 

When packing these hair products, you must be aware of the regulation and travel sizes and also protect your clothes from spilling products. This means downsizing the product regimens and following TSA regulations since traveling by air has some restrictions about weight. 

Best tips when traveling with hair products

The following are tips on how you can travel lite with your hair products without experiencing spillage on clothing while maintaining regulation sizes. 

  • Since some of the Monat hair products that you are using come in large-sized bottles, you must use smaller travel-sized bottles. This allows you to carry enough for the trip and cross no paths with TSA, who can take them. 
  • Put on a protective hairstyle. This allows you to have easier hair management during your trip and lesser products to add to your baggage. The lesser you carry, the lighter your luggage will be and thus be within the regulation sizes. 
  • You will probably need a bristle brush, a wide tooth comb and satin hair cap to style your hair. After all, what else can you use for proper hair care? These tools can take the most space if not careful. So, purchase a jewelry holder, since it can hold both jewelry and hair tools. These as well must be travel-sized
  • For proper hair care, you must carry your Monat oils. These often spill during travels and could damage your clothes. Therefore, get some small stylish bottles that have long necks, stoppers, and nozzles. With these, your clothes stay protected and you also get to style your hair with essential oils, thus maintain your hair care regime during your summer trip.
  • Use zip-top bags. As TSA regulates the size and weight of your luggage, it suggests that you pack the Monat liquid hair products in zip-top bags. These clear plastic bags are better at preventing spills. 
  • Instead of carrying liquids, you can opt for the alternative that will ensure there are no spills at all. For example, you can carry the Monat solid shampoo. This one will ensure you proceed with hair care without challenges left and right. 
  • It is not advisable to carry a hair towel. It takes a lot of space and adds weight to your travel bags. Additionally, Sabrina advises you to avoid the rough hotel towels. Instead, carry a hair glove. This speed up the natural drying of your hair, keeping it smooth and avoids breakage thus enhances hair care while lightening your luggage. 

In conclusion, you need to be cautious about hair care and TSA regulations so that you can look great as you travel light. With the above tips, you will style your hair perfectly and enjoy your summer travels.

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