Top 10 blog websites for medical students wanting to be an optometrist

The medical field is quite wide considering that the human body is composed of almost a million different parts. Therefore, if you are a medical student, you are aware of so many things about the human body. 

As a medical student that aspires to be a great and a reputable optometrist in the future, you need to be aware of what happens in this field. 

Optometry and Optometrists?

Optometry refers to the healthcare profession that provides eye care. It involves examining eyes, making medical diagnosis and managing eye disease.  

Therefore, optometrists are health professionals that are trained to offer eye care. They examine eyes for signs of injury, defects in vision, abnormality and ocular diseases. They later make health assessment and offer clinical advice by prescribing glasses or contacts and may also refer patients for more treatment. 

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The best blog websites to follow

Medicals students that want to become optometrists need to learn about the current trends and happenings and social media can be helpful. The following are the top blog websites to follow; 

  1. American Optometric Association (AOA News)– this is a recognized authority and acknowledged leader for vision and eye care worldwide. The blogs puts up at least 4 blogs weekly. 
  2. Reddit- Optometry– this blog website is a sub-reddit for anything that eye related. The posts posted weekly are about 84. 
  3. Eye on the Cure- this blog was founded by Foundation Fighting Blindness, Inc. to focus on research that can provide prevention and cure for eye issues like Usher Syndrome and retinal degenerative diseases spectrum. It posts one monthly.  
  4. VSP Vision Care– this blog for not-for-profit vision Benefits Company offers eye care information and fashion tips. It posts once weekly. 
  5. Image Optometry– this blog website focuses on promoting eye health for the general public. It informs on how to avoid avoidable eye problems. It posts once every week.  
  6. Natural Eye Care Blog– this blog website helps the public and health care professionals to stay informed on the complementary care role in eye disease treatment. Post frequency is 3 monthly.  
  7. The Optical Vision Site– this is an innovative and upbeat blog with information about glasses, eye care and opticians. It has about 7 new posts every week. 
  8. CopperVision– the company owning this blog offers contact lenses and offers advice on them in the website. It posts blogs once monthly.  
  9. Mann Eye Institute– this institute’s website posts about its advanced surgical expertise and personalized patient care as well as outstanding results. It posts a blog monthly. 
  10. Northeastern Eye Institute– this is a blog website that posts about eye for the whole family. It offers pediatric eye care advice. It posts once per month.   

In conclusion, these are helpful blog websites that can help soon to be optometrists in focusing on their goals. They also motivate these medical students to help the general public in improving eye care in their day to day lives.   

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