How You Can Care For Your Loved One In Their Final Hours From Home

Are you feeling stressed up and worried about how can care for your loved one in their final hours from home? This can be one of the most troubling moments but don’t you worry, there’s help.

You can help your loved one have the perfect end-of-life care and live a quality life even in the last days of living.

Here’s how you can help: Hospice Care

Hospice is becoming one of the trendy home care options in the United States and other parts of the world. Hospice is a team of certified professional physicians, social workers, nurses, home aide and other institutions concerned with elderly care.

There’s no need of taking an elderly member of your family to the hospital only to receive unwanted treatments and die there. The moment you realise that your aging parent is unable to carry out daily tasks without support, changes in mental health, unintentional weight loss, struggling with infections and deteriorated health, it’s time to call hospice.

If your elderly parent is fighting cancer, heart disease and other serious terminal diseases, find help from hospice care. The patient may not be bedridden or housebound to receive hospice care. Call hospice for guidelines to know if he/she is qualified for hospice care.

Why Hospice Care

With your tight work schedules and deadlines to meet, it can be difficult for you to offer the best care for your sickly parent struggling with illness. All siblings might be living away from home and the elderly parents have no one to care for them.

At times it can be so challenging and you may be torn in between job and home care for your elderly loved one.

Do I Quit Job And Look After Him?

No need to quit job because you don’t have the expertise to care for the elderly. Let those who knows how to do it better do the job for you. Hospice team will come right where you want them. This can be at home, hospital, retirement community, assisted living or rest homes.

On top of providing treatment to the elderly struggling with terminal ailments, hospice team coordinates ordering, delivering and arrangement of required medications. They also coordinate how the patient will get the necessary hospice supplies and medical equipment.

Does it end here? No!

Hospice team works hand in hand with the patient’s family and caregivers, giving comprehensive guidance on the care process and how to properly use the medical supplies and equipment provided. The team also provides additional support to the family and caregivers during treatment and after the passing on of the patient.

When Do I Call Hospice?

Do not be like most families who wait till the last moment to call for hospice care. Yes, hospice helps you a big deal to care for your loved one in their final hours from home but calling earlier will do you no harm.

If your elderly parent doesn’t want to die from the hospital, you can’t force it. Help him/her experience a smooth transition to death and he will bless you for that. Hospice helps you handle this troubling transition with amity and you can be able to carry with life even after the loss of your elderly parent.

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