Is Hospice For Anyone Who Is Sick?

In your quest for finding the best home care for your elderly parent, it can be tempting to think about hospice. But you may be feeling overwhelmed by the whole thing and wonder if hospice is for everyone who is sick or not.

If this is you, your worries end here. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about hospice.

Who Is Hospice And What Do They Do?

Before you contact hospice for end-of-life care for your loved one, find out who is eligible for hospice care.

Hospice is a team of certified professional doctors, nurses, home health aides and social workers and other related bodies. Hospice provide treatment to elderly people struggling with serious terminal illnesses. The are committed to offering compassionate home care to make at life stages more bearable.

Hospice is there for elderly cancer patients or those struggling with advanced dementia, COPD and heart diseases. Their core mission is to offer medical treatment and support to both the patient and the family or caregivers.

Handling a sickly elderly person can be so terrifying. It becomes more agonizing if the patient does not want to die at the hospital. This implies that you’ve got to find the best home care for the patient.

Who Qualifies For Hospice Care?

Is your patient suffering from a serious, life-threatening medical condition? Does he/she require support on a day-to-day basis? Hospice is the thing for you. The patient must not be housebound or bedridden to be eligible for hospice care.

Hospice cares for patients at homes, hospitals, care facility, rest homes, assisted living or retirement community. Hospice team can visit the patient right where he/she is. Depending on the patient’s needs, the team can be seeing the patient one or several times in a month.

The Best End-Of-Life Care

You may opt to call hospice during the last days of your loved one’s life or sooner you identify that he/she needs support from professional home care. If your elderly parent is undergoing frequent visits to the ER, you may be referred to hospice care.

Do you believe in quality living? Life is worth living and enjoying at every stage. Don’t let aging be the onset of a miserable journey to death. Regardless of age and the prevailing severe health conditions, anyone can experiencing a comforting end of life.

Hospice cares for the sick aging patients. To find out if your patient qualify for end-of-life care, call hospice now. Don’t shy off asking, it won’t cost you everything. After all, you are doing a noble task of ensuring that your aging parent dies peacefully.

You don’t have to keep your elderly loved one spend the final weeks or months on the hospital bed receiving unwanted treatment. At times, all what he/she requires is care and support. Heavy medications and chemical therapies might worsen the condition. The aging patient may also feel detached from his home and might suffer loneliness.

You Can Stay With Him Till The Last Moment

Seeing a person you dearly love fighting life in the last days can be so traumatizing. Your family and caregivers need support to overcome the pain and the grief. Hospice is your all-time partner during those troubling moments. Call Now. Your help is just a call away.

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