The best tips for eye safety when doing home improvements

Home improvements often take place during the holiday season. However, if you are not careful about your eye care, improving your home’s appearance may come at a hefty cost.

Eye injuries at home

According to optometry findings, most of the preventable eye injuries take place at home during the improvement projects. Activities such as painting walls or repairing something in the garage may seem harmless. However, you are still dealing with tools and chemicals that can impair your vision in seconds. Therefore, you need to learn the best eye safety tips to ensure that you do not damage your eyes or those of your family.


1. Wear safety goggles

The normal glasses cannot efficiently protect your eyes. In fact they are more dangerous because they can shatter when struck. Then the tiny glass pieces may enter your eye and cause severe damage. Therefore, as you handle home renovation projects that involve sharp tools and hazardous chemicals, use poly carbonate safety goggles. They are designed to provide excellent protection.  

2. Read and follow the  instructions stated by manufacturers when dealing with chemicals

Read and following instructions is a weak point for so many people. Now that you want to focus on eye care as you renovate your home, it must be your strong point. Read the instructions given to avoid mixing chemicals that may be explosive. Follow the guidelines and warning about usage as well. In case an accident happens, uses running cold water to flush your eyes. Then reach out to Inland Valley Optometry for eye checkup.    

3. Install sufficient lighting in corners and stairs

Insufficient lighting in corners and stairs can cause accidents that can lead to eye damage after impact. So ensure visibility in your corners and stairs by installing sufficient lighting.   

4. Carry out yard inspection before commencing on a project

Ensure that your yard does not have objects that can injure your eyes. This involves removing dirt and thorns, twigs and branches. Proceed to wearing safety glasses and then trim the weeds or mow the lawn, among other activities.  

5. Use eye shield in the kitchen

The kitchen can be hazardous when cooking, since hot oils can splash into your eyes and affect your vision. Therefore, use safety shield for eye care.   

6. Wash your hands thoroughly after project completion

Washing your hands does not apply to only after visiting the toilet. It is also necessary after home projects to avoid touching your eyes and face with the dirt in your palms since it could be toxic. 

7. Store tools safely after use

 The home improvement project tools should always be stacked away safely to avoid accidents. Even the tiny tools like nails and screws can accidentally damage your eyes in so many ways after work.In conclusion, you should put eye care first then home beauty second. If an accident happens, avoid rubbing the eyes and seek professional help from Inland Valley Optometry. It offers the best eye care in the optometry field.      

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