What You Need to Know: Difference Between Loose Leaf Tea and Packaged Tea

If you appreciate your tea, you might have asked yourself this question from time-to-time. The differences between the two tend to go far beyond what meets the eye. When you open your tea bag, you will notice that the leaves that are used to make these bags are actually fannings and dust from the dried broken leaves. This means that it is definitely lower in quality in comparison to the full leaf tea. The leaves are finely broken, thus they lose their aroma and essential oils. When they go through steeping, the tannins are released more in comparison to the whole leaf tea. This makes the drink astringent bitter.

Furthermore, the way the bags are made is a factor. The size, shape, and material constrain the leaves restricting their expansion when they are placed in hot water. This restricts their aroma and flavor making it harder to get the best out of using the tea bag. Even though it takes a lot of time to prepare a cup of tea for yourself, do not compromise the quality.

Full Leaf Sachets

For tea leaves to provide optimum flavor, they need to expand. This is why tea balls are not recommended when it comes to brewing leaf tea that is loose. The standard material used for tea bags is low-flow this means that the flavors are restricted from flowing to the water and diffusing beyond the inside of the tea bag. Thus all the flavor and aroma is trapped inside the tea bag. This is why most people tend to squeeze, swirl, and dunk the bag when they place it in the water. This aids better diffusion.

Packaged Tea

The tea bags that are made out of paper tend to collapse on the leaves when submerged in water. This prevents the natural unfurling of the leaves. This makes it harder for the flavor to diffuse. In fact, some people report being able to taste the paper in the brew. A biodegradable sachet will definitely meet your needs. It will maximize the flow and diffusion of the aroma and flavor of the tea. You do not have to keep dunking and squeezing the sachet.

What you need to know about this is that the typical tea bags are made through an industrial scale. This means that they are mass-produced and thus tend to stall on the shelf or warehouse for a long period before they are purchased. The leaves used to make these tea bags are low grade and are picked, processed and go through packaging with the use of machines. This is contrary to what happens with the loose leaf tea, which is handpicked and made by people who have mastered the art of production of tea. They are blended and packaged for use on airtight tins that are resealable. This means that their quality remains constant. The antioxidants, aroma, and flavor are preserved for the user of the tea.

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