How to Keep Your Hair Looking Fab This Summer

Summer is here and you want your hair to look fabulous amidst all the challenges that come with summer. From hot weather to chlorinated swimming pools, and salty seawater can all rain on your parade, resulting in dull, faded color, dry lengths, and damaged ends–talk about dampening your style.

But not to worry, we have a few easy tricks up our sleeve that will keep your hair looking healthy, glistening, and vibrant all the summer. 

Protect Your Hair from the Sun

UV rays do not only damage your skin but can also wreak havoc on your crowning glory. Invest in hair care products that contain UV filters, so that just like your favorite sunscreen, they can shield hair strands from harmful rays, which can make your hair look dull and break down the structure of your hair.

Use a Hair Mask

A good hair mask acts like an amplified super-conditioner. It nourishes, rejuvenates and replenishes lost moisture. It also helps overstretched hair to regain its elasticity and strength, reining in all those frayed ends and broken ends.

Hair masks are normally applied onto wet hair and left on, to allow the product to absorb before rinsing. Its deep-acting action leaves both hair and scalp invigorated, and looking lustrous. 

Invest In a Good Hair Serum

Rising summer temperatures and increased humidity can leave any hair type frizzy and dried-out. This is because humidity –moisture in the atmosphere–is generally greater than the moisture content in your hair. When it enters your hair shaft, it dampens your hair strands, causing them to frizz and kink as they attempt to re-dry. Good hair serum is the quickest way to restore hair.

Pay Attention to Your Scalp, too

Just like the rest of your skin, your scalp can become dry and sensitive when it is exposed to humidity and UV rays. You may even find your parting becomes dull and flaky if left unprotected. Consequently, it is important to treat your scalp to some extra TLC in the summer, using hair care products that specifically address your scalp issues. For example, applying a weekly soothing scalp mask in the summer is a wonderful way to calm and moisturize your scalp. Using hydrating scalp toners daily also goes a long way in ensuring a clean, healthy scalp, which is critical to hair growth.

Stay Clear of Sulfates

Sulfates are the surfactants that produce that satisfying lather commonly found in shampoo formulas. While they may be largely harmless to your hair and scalp, you will notice a marked improvement in hair texture and sheen when you switch to a sulfate-free shampoo. This is especially true during the hot summer months when you’re probably shampooing more than usual. 

Sulfate-free shampoos generally give a much gentler cleansing, seeing how aggressive cleansing agents in some traditional formulas can strip and damage hair.

It may take some getting used to these hair-loving shampoos, as you won’t get as much of a lather, but we are certain you hair be singing all summer long. 

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