Some of the best insurance plans for LASIK

If you suffer from eye problems such as dermatitis and allergies, you are not alone. The CDC statistics claim that there are about 14 million Americans suffering from visual impairment. The good news is more than eighty percent of this population may require refractive correction, also known as LASIK surgery, to acquire good vision and you could be one of them. 


LASIK is a medical procedure that corrects hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism and thus restores good eyesight. Professionals at Inland Valley Optometry provide eye care and can determine whether you qualify for this laser eye surgery. They provide medical diagnosis, eye examination and also eye disease management. If you need LASIK, you will require finances since this procedure may be a little bit expensive. 

The best insurance plans for LASIK

Very many people have health insurance providers. Unfortunately, you are bound to overlook the importance of proper vision when selecting your health insurance provider, even after wearing glasses for the longest time.

Like many other people seeking LASIK surgery, you will hope to use the benefits of your insurance to cover the procedure. Unfortunately, insurance providers consider LAISK as elective surgery and thus do provide covered benefit. 

However, you should not lose hope because some insurance providers offer certain additional plans that can help you cover the cost of this type of eye care. So, you can still have the chance to dump your glasses or contacts for good.

The following are some of the best insurance plans that can help with LASIK:

  • Ameritas– This is an insurance provider that offers vision insurance as an individual vision insurance policy or through employer plans. It offers an exact LASIK Advantage plan that covers some of the eye care cost. 

After enrolling, you will have to wait for at least 3 years to use the benefits. 

  • VSP– this insurance providers offer additional plans tied to certain providers. The members are offered a discounted price. Therefore, you will still cover the surgery cost but it will be lower than that of the general public.  
  • EyeBenefits– this type of vision insurance coverage gives a LASIK discount that is about 50% depending on your provider. As a member you can also receive discounts of 20% for glasses examination during eye care in an optometry facility such as Inland Valley Optometry. 
  • UnitedHealthCare– the vision insurance is underwritten through Golden Rule Insurance Company. It provides discounts for laser eye surgery as well and has no waiting periods. 
  • Aetna– this vision insurance provider has thousands of independent agents and thus offers nationwide. If you become a vision policy holder, you will receive added savings as you remain in-network on vision care services. These include LASIK eye surgery discount and retinal imaging discount. 
  • Blue Cross- this one offers vision plan through the EyeMed Vision Care. LASIK surgery comes at a discounted rate and about 50% discounts on glasses and eye care services.  

In conclusion, there are great insurance plans for LASIK. You only need to compare the discounts or cover provided and consider the waiting periods. 

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