How to Recover from a Hard Workout to Avoid Burning Out

Any tough workout is sure to test your limits, but when you go too hard in your latest Krav Maga class you may end up feeling an energy crash instead of the usual endorphin rush. This is a kind of exhaustion that is particularly hard to recover from and it is evident among people taking multiple training classes sometimes taking two a day. It is important to differentiate between overtraining and training. You may become compromised if you do too much every day without taking time to rest properly. You just have to know how to adjust your training and overcome this burnout so you can get back to your MMA training.

Look Out for Signs

When you experience burnout, your body will give you signs and if you feel very tired both physically and mentally then it might be time to take a break. If you find that a certain MMA class does not do it for you anymore, do not force it. Try switching up your routine instead based on what the body needs more. Some workouts work better for some people than others and it is normal to do something you enjoy.

Take a Break

It is easy to go hard when you have fitness goals to reach and even that extra 30 minutes every day may be too much for your body. Give yourself time to recover and rest or you will burn out very fast. If you are just starting with your MMA training sessions, go easy on yourself as you progress to more intense workouts. Schedule some rest days as well to avoid overdoing things. Ensure you fuel properly post workout by keeping hydrated and eating food with lots of protein. Good options include smoothies with protein powder, eggs, or Greek yogurt. Such foods will help your body recover properly so you are not too tired afterward and also to build muscle and aid recovery.

Get a Training Buddy

It is also good to get a friend who can keep you on track if you are finding it hard to meet your MMA training goals. A workout buddy can help you be more accountable as you can support each other, check on your progress, and go for training together. A personal MMA trainer can also help you with this but a workout buddy is completely free of charge and you can make plans for a healthy lunch after your session.

Treat Yourself to Motivate Yourself

It does not hurt to give yourself an incentive to go for your Krav Maga classes. If gym wear is your preferred treat then you can buy some new gear for added motivation to go your training sessions. This can be in the form of new shoes to give your feet some much-needed support during hard training sessions. Just make sure you do not overspend. You may also celebrate your fitness milestones by treating yourself to something small but special to remind you of your end goal. This small incentive can be more than enough to get you to the gym on those days when you feel like you need it.

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