How Can Gas Masks Improve Your Endurance During MMA Training?

Breathing training is the strengthening of the lungs, the expiatory and inspiratory muscles to boost one’s aerobic endurance. According to recent studies on breathing training, there are suggestions that if these muscles e.g. the diaphragm and intercostal muscles, then they
can improve one’s performance in exercises such as Krav Maga or other MMA exercises. One of the biggest products that have been designed for the purpose of improving performance through respiratory resistance is the elevation mask, the training mask, or the gas mask. This product is a silicone mask with a neoprene sleeve and resistance valves and
it was made for athletes and inspired by the same. The masks cover your nose and mouth and reduce the amount of oxygen taken in while breathing during your training exercises. Using an elevation mask during training forces the lungs and the heart to work harder such that when you take off the mask for a game or a race, your body is capable of utilizing
oxygen more efficiently. People who use these gas masks claim that they have enabled them to improve in strength, endurance, and speed. The concept of this product is based on altitude training which is said to increase red blood cell count in the body to give you a temporary boost in performance at sea level.

The elevation mask is worn by all kinds of professional athletes and it is a sleek breathing resistance tool different from other kinds. This is because it offers carbon dioxid rebreathing so that the air you breathe out has a higher carbon dioxide content compared to the air that is outside the mask. This factor increases your oxygen exchange efficiency during your MMA training. This means that your body’s pH levels will go up because you
will be forcing the oxygen molecules binding to the red blood cells to transport moreoxygen to your body’s extremities.

This, in return, will cause the resulting waste product, which is lactic acid, to become dumped out by the body thus cleaning your body system as well. The body’s energy levels will increase as the lactic acid is disposed ofConsidering that you can adjust the elevation mask to restrict even higher amounts of oxygen, then this adaptation effect can prepare you to live or train at high altitudes where
the oxygen levels are limited. Even if you do not intend to train MMA or live at high altitudes, an elevation mask can still be good for improving your cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance regardless of the altitudes. A training mask protocol involving wearing the mask three times a week during cardio training for six weeks can offer you noticeable
results. The primary results that come from training with the mask include better oxygen efficiency in your bloodstream, increased lung volume, and improved cardio aside from being able to retrain your breathing.
You can also wear the elevation mask during other physical activities including MMA training such as Krav Maga as well as circuit training to make your respiratory system used to a lack of oxygen while establishing proper breathing technique.

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