What is ID Restoration?

Identity theft goes beyond financial ramifications. It has significant emotional, physical and psychological impacts because not only are victims of this heinous crime, unable to obtain housing, including employment, medical services but it can also take them years to discover ID theft. In 2018, there were more than 1,200 breaches with a confirmed 446,515,000+ number of compromised records undiscovered.

This goes to show that anyone is susceptible to identity theft and there are criminals out there who are willing to do anything to get their hands on sensitive and personal information so that they can use your good name to open fraudulent accounts, falsify tax returns, buy property, take out loans, etc.

Note that even though hacking ranks among the highest types of identity theft attacks, not all threats to sensitive information happen online because things that are entirely out of your control like losing a wallet including physical documents can be used to access personal data and commit ID theft. Today, synthetic identity theft that targets difficult to resolve information such as your SSN and birth dates to build an entirely new identity constitutes up to 85% of all identity theft.

Fortunately, if you suspect that your data has been compromised and someone is using
your SSN, driver’s license number, credit card number, or other identifying information to
commit financial fraud, you can have a complete ID restoration.

How it Works

Even though it is complex and not to mention, an expensive process, a reputable company
that handles identity theft restoration will do all the work for you, consequently, help you
regain your identity, credit score, and good name after you’ve been a victim of ID theft.
Having a good credit report and score is imperative, now more than ever considering that
various financial institutions today rely on the two to approve your applications.

Which is why ID restoration services may arguably be the best protection against identity
theft that money can buy. The following are top-notch services you can expect to receive
from a well-known ID restoration agency;

✔ They use advanced identity theft protection technology, real-time alerts, 24/7
support, and identity recovery, to execute full-spectrum monitoring, identification
and resolution of any illegal use of your personal, financial, and credit information
✔ A personal identity restoration specialist assigned to you will help with filling
pertinent paperwork, including making relevant calls and handling everything to
ensure a complete restoration of your identity
✔ They will send ongoing monitoring and rapid alerts via text, call, or emails to your
mobile devices when your personal information is compromised in order to
mitigate any potential crime from happening, subsequently, help protect you and
your loved ones against ID theft
✔ They will protect your online data such as keystrokes, PIN numbers, and credit card
information against misappropriations

✔ Based on the plan you have with a credit restoration agency, they can also
reimburse funds stolen as a result of identity theft up to the limit of your plan.

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