Top Ten Hair Salons in Orange County

Everyone goes to the hair salon looking forward to leaving the salon feeling great about
their hair and how they look. Going to the salon is so much more than just getting a simple
haircut. It feels good to have your hair washed, cut dyed and expertly styled.
The best hair salons in Orange County are:
a. The Blanc Noir Hairdressing
This salon has a chic setting which explains the quality of hairdressing that they offer. It is
ran by professional hairdressers who created Blanc Noir, a parlor that blends superb
styling with expert customer service with departmentalized services and hair specialists.
b. Shear Bliss
The vintage mirrors and chandeliers, old-fashioned chairs and art pieces adorning the walls
are the reasons why Shear Bliss is an adorable place for a salon date. They don’t just offer
antique décor to satisfy the palate of vintage lovers but also exquisite service to their

c. Jack Martin Salon
This salon focuses on just one thing: bringing out the true beauty of each and every client.
They are also interested in the overall wellbeing of their clients and don’t use dyes or
products containing formaldehyde to achieve this purpose.

d. Modest Spot Salon
The Modest Spot Salon embraces nature by incorporating it both in the salon’s deign and in
the products used. The décor features wooden elements on the walls and furniture.
Haircuts, styling, highlights, balayage and conditioning treatments are popular at the salon.
e. Tribeca Salon
The décor is features bright wooden floors and dark accents to bring out the trendy and hip
vibe of the salon. This vibe is also mirrored in their styling. The experience at Tribeca is not
just a hair-fixing one but also an overwhelmingly relaxing experience. You leave the salon
not just looking good but also feeling good.
f. Medusa Hair Salon
Medusa Hair Salon knows how to cut hair the Californian style. It heavily relies on the local
culture and offers whatever hair trends may be appealing to you. Haircuts are given by
professionals and you are assured that your hair is in very safe hands.
g. Synergy Salon & Spa
This salons has a casual atmosphere where the stylists use luxury products of high-quality
hair, nail and spa services. For precision, fantastic nail services and the ultimate spa
experience, the Synergy Salon & Spa is the right place.

h. Alire Hair Design
As the name suggest, this salon takes hair styling to another level of hair designing. They
offer a range of professional services with and outstanding reputation for quality and
customer satisfaction.
i. Julian Hans Hair Salon
The Julian Hans Salon is the salon to be for hair color and designs. The evidence of the
amazing work they do is given by the several industry publications they have been featured
in and the national recognition they have received.
j. Soho Salon
The Soho environment is inviting in itself with exquisite taste in décor and interior design.
More than that, they provide hair services passionately to meet the needs of the client.
You need to enjoy your time at the salon and leave feeling good about yourself. These
salons will have you feeling exactly that.

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