Tips for Detangling Your Hair

Detangling is an integral part of hair care where you simply use a hair-care tool to comb or
brush through your hair. Detangling helps to remove tangles and shed hairs that cause
matting, knots and eventual breakage. The other benefits of detangling include helping
with washing the hair, styling and distributing products throughout the hair. Proper
detangling ensures that you are not just breaking off your hair and overall healthy hair
care. On the other hand, improper detangling can cause split ends and damaged cuticles.
Tips for safely detangling your hair

  1. Wet and condition your hair
    Wet your hair thoroughly and then apply a generous amount of leave in conditioner to your
    hair. Damp hair enriched with lots of conditioner is the ideal state for detangling. Water
    and conditioner provide lubrication and slip to the hair. This makes it easy to detangle.
    Lubrication is necessary for you to comb or brush through your hair. The more slippery
    your hair is, the easier the detangling process. You need to be very gentle with your hair
    because wet hair is very weak and can break easily.
  2. Detangle in sections
    Once your hair is nicely and lubricated, separate it into 6 or more sections according to the
    thickness of your hair. Detangling in sections makes your life so much easier because you
    can focus on one section at a time. This is less stressful rather than trying to detangle your
    whole head at once. In addition, detangling in sections ensures that you get to all parts of
    your hair and that you don’t confuse the parts of hair that have been detangled and those

that have not. Plastic hair clamps or duck bill clips come in handy when you want to secure
those sections. After you are done detangling a section, it is a good idea that you twist or
braid the section to prevent it from tangling up again.

  1. Use the right comb or brush
    Combs and brushes are generally great for detangling, but some combs and brushes are
    better than others. The best combs and brushes for detangling are the wide-tooth combs or
    brushes with hard, wide bristles and a rubber base. Combs with tiny teeth are not easy to
    use when detangling your hair and can even cause more breakage than necessary.
  2. Start from the ends and work your way up
    When detangling your hair, don’t start from the middle or the root. It is quite impractical to
    detangle downward from the middle if the ends below it are tangled. Detangling should
    begin from the ends of the hair then downwards to the middle and lastly the root.
  3. Try finger detangling before using a brush or comb
    Before you even use a comb or brush on your hair, try using your fingers to separate the
    hair strands. Using your fingers helps you feel the major knots and tangles so that you can
    pull them apart gently. Your comb will glide through your hair very easily after finger
    It is quite impossible to avoid your hair getting tangled once in a while but hopefully these
    tips can help you get out of the fix when that happens.

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