The Paul Mitchell Story

It is impossible to talk about the revolution of hairdressing without mentioning Paul Mitchell. Paul Mitchell was the man with a creative eyes and unparalleled talent who revolutionized the art of hairdressing. For starters, he was the visionary behind the art of hair sculpting. He also led the liberation of women from hair rollers and then took the industry by storm with the introduction of hair products which featured Hawaiian awapuhi ginger.
At the height of his career, his styles were featured on the covers of leading magazines and even worn by famous actresses, models and editors. His work is still celebrated to date and
his legend lives on through the work of his son Angus and his business partner John Paul De Joria.
The beginning Paul was born on January 27, 1936 to a Scottish hairdresser. His family moved from Carnwath, Scotland to London where he spent of his childhood years. In 1952, he started his career as a silversmith before he gave it up to follow his mother’s career. It is then that
he enrolled at the Morris School of Hairdressing in London.
By the time he was 18, Paul Mitchell had won many British and international hairdressing competitions. After completing his studies, he joined the Park Lane, a salon in Mayfair where he was paid 12 pounds per week (about $18). In 1960, he left Park Lane for Vidal Sassoon’s salon in London as well which was already making history.

In America
In 1965, Vidal Sassoon was invited to be the hairstylist on a fashion cruise to New York and he asked Paul to join him on the cruise. When they got to new York, Paul decided to stay in the U.S. in the same year, Vidal opened his first salon in America and asked Paul to train his
staff because he believe that Paul had a great sense of style which was terribly special and inspiring.
In 1967, Paul helped to launch the Crimpers Salon while expanding his idea of wash-and-wear hairstyles within the U.S. Family life
Paul got his son, Angus in 1970 and then met his lifelong friend, John Paul De Joria in 1971. John Paul was a district manager for another hair care company.
Life of hairdressing
In 1973, Paul started the first cutting club in America at his Superhair Salon. Hairdressers
travelled from across the country to the cutting club for training.
In 1974, he got the opportunity to do hair shows in Hawaii and after selling Superhair
Salon, he relocated to Hawaii where he began hosting week-long “Paul Mitchell in Hawaii”
In 1980, Paul teamed up with John Paul to launch the revolutionary hair care system with
only $700. The two went further to create the self-sustaining, solar-powered Paul Mitchell
Awapuhi Farm in Hawaii where the Awapuhi used in some hair products is still harvested
to date.

Unfortunately, his life was cut short in 1989 at 53 years of age due to pancreatic cancer. He
left his share of the company to his son Angus.
Paul Mitchell is a legendary hairdresser and his legacy in the art of hairdressing continues
to live on.

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