The Most Popular Haircuts for Men This 2019 summer

Most guys prefer short haircuts. For such a man, there is a satisfaction that comes from
going to the barber to get his hair cleaned up and looking fresh. When it comes to haircuts,
there are plenty of styles from the buzz up to styles that are couple of inches long..
Check out these latest trends that every man should try this summer.
a. The buzz cut
This is probably the most iconic haircut of all time. It is very appropriate for the summer
because with the buzz cut, it is next to impossible for you to overheat since your hair is not
weighing you down. In addition, the haircut does not require maintenance.
b. Crew cut
This cut if for guys with round faces. It is similar to the buzz cut but the top is kept slightly
longer and squared off on the comers. As a result, it makes your face look elongated and
slimmer. You can use a little pomade to maintain the shape.
c. Tight fade with cropped top
This is also known as the high-and-tight haircut and is widely known as the most versatile
men’s haircut available. The haircut is also tailor-made for summer. During summer, you
can make it a little shorter on the sides than during winter. The top should be about two
inches and the barber should add texture with scissors.

d. French crop
The French crop haircut is cousin to the high-and-tight cut. The have a similar fade but in
this haircut, the top is kept a little shorter. The cut is meant to be styled forward. The bangs
should be cut in a straight line across your forehead. The top should be kept textured to
add dimension.
e. Surf rat
If you want to look like you have been on a surfboard even when you never have, then this
haircut is just for you. The surf rat is the standard of summer grooming. The key of the
haircut is not in the cut but in the styling. Use a salt spray on damp hair to add volume and
f. Flat top
For this style, go down to the skin on the sides and then have your barber fade up to the
point where your head starts to curve in.
g. Shaggy seventies
This haircut is longer on the sides and doesn’t require maintenance. It is cool because of its
length so you should let your hair grow out for a least a month.
h. High fade with curly top
It is specifically tailored for guys with curly hair. The sides are kept short and faded and the
curlier hair at the top is made longer.
i. Short pomp

Here, the front left is kept long while the rest of the head resembles the high-and-tight
j. Summer undercut
With this style, cut the sides really short while keeping the length on top without fading it
up. There should be a dramatic difference between the top and the sides.
Summer haircuts are all about giving your hair some room to breathe with a haircut that
gives you airflow when it’s super-hot and one that is low maintenance.

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