Splatting is a unique woodworking technique that helps you get the most cherished product. Modeling your stock into the right splat for your project can be a real headache especially for beginners. However, with the following dos and don’ts of this unique woodworking technique, you will find the task easier, faster and more enjoyable.

A splat is basically the vertical middle part of a chair back which can either be solid or pierced. Curvet splats are a little bit demanding when it comes to carving compared to flat splats.

Experiment Wood Before Splatting

Different types of wood respond to splatting differently. For you to be sure of the right wood for your project, first experiment your stock. You can do this by dividing the wood you are working with into exactly half every time. With this, you’ll get an idea of what to expect out of that stock and decide if it’s what you want or you try another wood.

Always Begin With The Back Splats

When cutting chair splats, begin splitting the back splats. Oak and walnut are the most popular woods for chairs. The key challenge is that they tend to split radially across the growth rings, similar to spokes of a wheel rather than tangentially

Don’t Split Pieces Into Thirds

Considering that you must put the same bending stress on both halves of the pieces you’re about to splat, splitting thirds may not bring desired results or even withstand the bending stress.

Control The Direction Of The Split

If you are not careful to control the direction of the split, you’ll end up having one half thinner and more bent than the other. As a result, the fibers of that half is going to be weakened and stressed than those of the other half. To avoid this, put more stress on the thick side by bending it other than usual.

Steam The Dryer Stock

For best results, ensure you steam the dryer stock for about one hour. How you bend or weave your splits depends on your desired style and design.

Use The Right Cutting Tools

When cutting rockers of your copy chair into blanks, use an ax to cut the curve since the convex is supposed to be in line with the ax. Use an ax or a single saw to cut towards the bottom of the curve and ensure the split started at one point doesn’t run out through the rocker on the other side.

A double beveled hand ax is to be used to cut the rockers down from the end through the middle. After this roughening the splits out, clamps them together then shave them with spokeshaves and put them away to dry.

Don’t Set Your Splats Immediately

For best results with wood slapping, the key idea is to ensure that the splats are bend evenly. Give them a week or so before you set them.


Woodworking is broad but amazing art for everyone. As a beginner, giving yourself space to grow your career gradually is important. However, there are no limits as to where you can take your hobby. Only your imagination can limit you. Do a thorough research and read widely for amazing ideas and inspirations of woodworking.

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Since 11 years old I have wanted to own a business making things with my hands. My Dad completed woodworking and other home repair projects around our house. He allowed me to help and also taught me how to be resourceful to use what I have and get the job done the right way without spending lots of money. These events sparked my interest in woodworking and customizing a project to fit the need. Once in my freshman year, we took an adult education class at Clovis High school during nights. Taking that class is where my flame of passion for woodworking began to start multiplying. Not long after I took my first fine woodworking class at Fresno Christian High School where I continued to go until the end of my sophomore year. At the beginning of 2014 school year as a junior, I had decided to make woodworking and metalworking my career path. Fast forward to today it is my junior year in college and I am putting actions into my thoughts and words. I will be graduating with an AA in Computer-Aided-Manufacturing in 2019 which I believe to be beneficial in being able to compete with other companies to make better quality products at a higher quantity the small businesses at the same price.

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