How To Spot A Burl And Know Its Worth

A burl is a tree growth whereby the grain has grown in a deformed manner. Most burls are found in the form of rounded outgrowth found on branches or tree trunks. Burls have irregular grain patterns different from the rest of the tree and they grow along with the tree. A burl is characterized by knots from dormant buds. Other burls occur in groups of bulbous protrusions, appearing like rope-like roots.

How To Identify A Burl

To identify a burl is not complicated, especially for woodworkers. You just need to walk near the trees and observe their roots and examine the trunks. If you can identify a burl and it’s within your reach, touch it and feel it. A burl bark is usually rougher than the normal bark.

When you look up and observe the branches, you can easily identify a burl since it displays round darker growths that do not twigs or limbs growing from them.

Why Woodworkers Hunt For Burls

Furniture makers, artists, and sculptors fetch for burls like gold. Why? Burls are very instrumental in furniture making, a wide variety of inlays, gun stocks, turning wood, veneers and music wood as well as different household items.

How Do I Know The Value Of A Burl?

A burl is usually higher priced due to its unique pattern and beauty. There are many factors that determine the value of a burl. Mostly, the value depends on the size, condition, and species. A larger eyed burl in perfect condition is more valuable than most layered burls. It costs $20-$200 and an expensive burl wood may even cost $500 or more.

Woodworking becomes more exciting when you can create eye-catching turnings for your project. The irresistible beauty of salvaged burl wood is worth the price and it’s a brilliant way to get the most out of your burls.

The pricing for burl wood depends on whether you are buying clock slabs, table slabs, table bases or turnings. They are usually available in different sizes like X small, small, medium, large and X large. For redwood, the smallest piece costs $8-$16.

An assembled redwood root for dining room table costs approximately $500 and above. For one medium size cedar table base, the price is $100 to $125.

A straight grain piece of redwood for turning costs around $10 for board foot and the lace burl at $35 per board foot.

Buckeye burl for guitars is a highly sought after burl, suitable for making instruments. Buckeye burl is also used for making pistol grips, flutes, pen blanks, knife handles, and pool cues as well as other items.

Whole burls of buckeye burls approximately $1.85 per pound up to 1000 pounds. Box redwood pieces 3” think are available at $10 to $100 and beyond depending on the quality of wood and size. Pricing for wood burls may defer depending on your location and so there is no fixed pricing.

Shopping For Burl Wood?

Are you a burl hunter looking for walnut burl, redwood burl or lace redwood burl veneer, billets or slabs? Order online for the best quality wood burls that work for your woodworking projects.

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Since 11 years old I have wanted to own a business making things with my hands. My Dad completed woodworking and other home repair projects around our house. He allowed me to help and also taught me how to be resourceful to use what I have and get the job done the right way without spending lots of money. These events sparked my interest in woodworking and customizing a project to fit the need. Once in my freshman year, we took an adult education class at Clovis High school during nights. Taking that class is where my flame of passion for woodworking began to start multiplying. Not long after I took my first fine woodworking class at Fresno Christian High School where I continued to go until the end of my sophomore year. At the beginning of 2014 school year as a junior, I had decided to make woodworking and metalworking my career path. Fast forward to today it is my junior year in college and I am putting actions into my thoughts and words. I will be graduating with an AA in Computer-Aided-Manufacturing in 2019 which I believe to be beneficial in being able to compete with other companies to make better quality products at a higher quantity the small businesses at the same price.

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