Don’t Just Cut Hair!

It is time that hairdressers start asking themselves what their clients want. Clients have
specific desires in the types of salons that they visit. They also take many things into
consideration including the sanitation of the salon, the location of the salon, punctuality of
the hair designers and the cost of cuts. Statistics show that clients who visit salons do so
more than six times in a year especially those seeking hair shaping.
Therefore, a hairdresser cannot afford to just cut hair. A client wants more than a good
haircut when they visit a salon. He or she wants to be treated with respect and be in an
inviting atmosphere that has a warm ambiance.
How can you give your clients more value?
a. Build a strong relationship with them
Clients want strong relationships. After a client visits a specific stylist more than a few
times, he or she wants to be considered as “part of the crowd” in that they can come to the
salon and have fun in a social interaction environment. Clients want to know that they
matter to their stylists on a personal level. This is what a stylist should offer. As a stylist,
you can establish a long and loyal relationship with a client by listening to the client and
respecting his or her wishes for their hair cut, color or style. When you do a client’s hair, he
or she wants to know that his or her lifestyle has been taken into account.
b. Offer actual valuable services
Go above and beyond when giving hair services to your clients when you deliver the hair
cutting, coloring or styling services. Add extra gestures to appointments which make your

client feel appreciated. This is how loyalty is built. As a stylist, it is important to make sure
that you are continually growing and evolving such that you can offer new services to your
clients. Some ideas on how you can add some value include:
● Offering a free sample of a new shampoo product
● Giving an incredible scalp massage

These are only but two ideas out of the numerous ideas that you should try. The aim is to
add value to a hair appointment at no additional cost to the client in order to make them
feel truly special.

c. Keep your salon clean
A client wants a salon whose staff take pride in the salon. Clients can tell this by how the
floors look and the appearance of the mirrors. The salon should also be well-ventilated. A
stylist should also be neat and tidy. In addition, you should be able to ensure the safety of
your client to minimize your liability for injury or infection.
d. Make personal recommendations
When your client is facing a challenge or needs a service that you cannot offer, there is no
harm if you personally recommend them to another professional who can help. You can
also give them recommendations on the best products to use. You benefit from this as well
since you can earn an income from affiliate products.
As a stylist or hairdresser, you are called to do more than just cutting hair. You are called to
provide value to your clients.

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