Top 10 Styles of Summer Shades for 2019

The sun is not reason enough for you to wear sunnies, but summer provides the perfect
excuse for you to up your game with the hottest sunglasses of the moment. The summer
sunglasses style features different styles from circular to square, vintage to modern, and
neutral to bright colored. Who said that your eyes cannot look sexy during the summer?
The ten most popular styles for summer shades that you must try in 2019 include:
a. Small 90’s skinny sunglasses
You can still go small in 2019 with the tiny, ‘impractical’ sunglasses. These glasses were a
staple in the 50s and then the 90s and they are back with us again. They continue to rapidly
gain a following especially with celebrities like RiRi and Kendall adding them to their daily
wardrobe and wearing them with both casual and red carpet outfits. When you go for these
shades, make sure you pick lenses with maximum UV protection.
b. Mirrored lens sunglasses
Do you want to shine the sun in summer? Then the mirrored frames were made just for
you. They are flashy and intimidating yet very classy and stylish. You can choose frames
that contrast with your hair just to add an extra touch of class.

c. Clear sunglasses
These sunglasses are on the opposite end of the stick, competing with bright colored
frames. The clear and translucent sunglasses are seemingly inconspicuous and subtle yet
very fashion forward. Clear sunglasses are here to stay, in their colorless clear versions or
the bolder colorful counterparts.

d. Stylish color tinted sunglasses
Tinted glasses lenses are a late 2018 trend that keeps burning today. The style of the
sunglasses comes with a rainbow of pastel colors in terms of lenses for you to pick. You can
get light blue, sunshine yellow, pink or even burnt orange sunglasses. Unfortunately, they
don’t offer much protection from the sun so they are just an accessory.
e. Oversized 70’s square sunglasses
These square and rectangular retro-vintage frames are the favorite of any fashion savvy.
They are practical, trendy and ideal for summer months since they offer full protection
from the sun’s rays. Oversized shades give off a mysterious appeal.
f. Revamped aviator sunglasses
These are timeless and flattering sunglasses for both men and women. They are popular for
summer because they take your accessory game to a whole new level.
g. Big cat-eye sunglasses
The oversized cat-eye sunglasses reserved for women are perfect for elongating the face
and emphasizing the cheekbones. They add a retro-vintage touch to your style.
h. Cool flat top sunglasses
This is one of the most recent 2019 designs. Get those with metal double-bar details to
elevate your outfits. The sunglasses give you a cool vibe and will make you stand out.
i. Circular round sunglasses

The sunglasses are ideal for faces with angular lines. They are a perfect addition to any
outfit in the summer.
j. Retro ‘don draper’ metal frame sunglasses
Metal frame sunglasses are now the go-to-accessory of every cool kid around the block.
They are perfect for summer getaways.
Dawn those beautiful eyes with equally beautiful sunglasses this summer for the perfect
2019 summer look.

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