Tips to Keep Your Glasses from Fogging Up

A mix of cold weather and moist body heat is a recipe for fogged glasses. In addition, a
change in temperature can also cause fogged glasses. If you have had an experience of
fogging up then you probably know how frustrating it can be when you can’t suddenly see.
Besides causing annoyance, foggy glasses are also a safety hazard especially if they occur
when you are driving or operating machinery.
Here are some tips to keep your glasses from fogging up

  1. Purchase an anti-fog product to treat your glasses at home
    There are many manufactured products that are specifically designed to prevent glasses
    from fogging. It could be a spray or gel that is directly applied on the lens. The product will
    prevent fog by forming a barrier that protects against temperature change and moisture.
  2. Using anti-fog wipes for on-the-go protection
    Anti-fog wipes are pre-treated napkins which you can use to wipe down both sides of the
    lens. They are super convenient and easy to use. They are made for only one use so you can
    throw them away when you are finished.
  3. Invest in professional anti-fog treatment for the long-term
    You can talk to your eye doctor about the availability and cost of applying a one-time
    coating to your lenses for a permanent fog prevention. This is particularly useful when
    there are drastic and/ or frequent temperature changes or if the fog creates a safety hazard.
    It will cost you $50 to $100 and a few days without your glasses as they get fixed.
  1. Apply shaving cream to your lenses to create a protective barrier
    You can apply a small amount of shaving cream to both sides of your lenses and rub in
    before you go out in the cold weather. The shaving cream should dry gently before you
    remove the residue with a soft and dry cloth.
  2. Rub a bar soap on your lenses for a clear, protective layer
    You can apply a small amount of bar soap on your lenses and let it dry. Gently remove
    residue with a soft and dry cloth. Soap works the same way as shaving cream and will leave
    your lenses clear and fog-free.
  3. Spit on your lenses if you are in a bind
    You can spit a little bit on both sides of your lenses and wipe off with a soft and dry. This
    should be your last option because saliva contains oils and other substances that could
    harm your lenses.
  4. Pull your glasses away from your face
    Since glasses trap heat and moisture, setting them too close to your face or eyes increases
    the incidence of fog build up. You can try and move your glasses further down your nose to
    allow for more circulation and less fog.
  5. Don’t store your glasses in the cold weather
    Avoid storing your glasses in the cold weather by keeping your glasses inside the house to
    help reduce fogging when you move from warm to cold spaces.

Foggy glasses are uncomfortable and frustrating. These tips should help you get them in
the right track.

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