Before You Start Carving, Watch Out On This!

Knowing the safety rules of woodworking makes your experiences as a woodworker safer, easier and enjoyable. Woodworking is a safe hobby as long as you understand how to keenly observe woodworking safety rules. Before you start carving, staying committed to these easy to follow woodworking tips for everyone is the best thing ever. Failure to comply with these rules can cause bad injuries.

Wear Safety Gear At All Times

Every time you’re working in the wood shop, you’ve got to wear the right safety equipment. Put on the appropriate hearing protection gear, safety glasses, and latex gloves. Always wear the appropriate clothing. Avoid loose-fitting clothes and ties since they can easily get entangled in a cutting head or saw blade.

Stay Sober Always

While in the wood shop, avoid any substance that can impair your judgment and stability. Drugs, alcohol and other intoxicating substance are dangerous and should be avoided. Working with your power tools while under the influence of any intoxicating substance makes it likely to encounter issues that when sober.

Disconnect Power

When using a power tool, a time comes when you need to change the bit or blade. Always ensure you disconnect the power tool from electricity before you begin to change lest you lose your fingers or experience the worst.

Using one heavy-duty extension cord is highly recommended in the wood shop. Avoid using one small extension cord for each tool because this is confusing and put you into trouble. With a heavy duty extension cord, you are sure to switch off the power for each tool.

Avoid Using Blunt Bits And Blades

You’ve got no idea how harmful a blunt blade or bit can be in the wood shop. It might seem obvious but it’s terrible because it makes work harder and can result in a dangerous kick back.

Always Work Against The Cutter

This is a simple trick that speaks volume if you understand how woodworking power tools are designed to function. Ensure that you maintain the right direction where the wood moves through the tool.

Inspect The Stock Before You Start Cutting

Always check the presence of metals like screws and nails in the stock before you start cutting. This can cause damage on the cutting head and the stock not forgetting the resulting kickback which can cause serious injury.

Wait For The Spinning Blade To Stop

Avoid reaching out when the spinning blade is running to avoid deadly injuries. You may also remove cut-offs or waste using a push stick to be on the safe side.

Avoid distractions

While handling power tools, avoid distractions. Finish what you are doing before you focus your attention on something else. Disruptions can increase the chances of problems in woodworking.

Now, You Can Begin Carving

After safely cutting the pieces of stock you needed, now you can begin carving your crafts into the most amazing and unique products you’ve been dreaming off. Ensuring proper handling of power tools and other wood shop equipment takes you a long way into your carving career. It helps you maximize your potential and enjoy injury-free experiences as you strive to deliver quality products.

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